Navigating the Landscape of Business Journals: 2021 ABS Journals Ranking

In the world of academia, publishing research in reputable journals is a significant milestone for scholars and researchers. It not only validates their work but also contributes to the growth of knowledge within their respective fields. The Association of Business Schools (ABS) [1] plays a crucial role in helping academics and researchers identify the journals that best suit their research. Their journal rankings provide a valuable resource for scholars looking to publish their work in esteemed outlets.

What is the ABS Journal Ranking?

The ABS Journal Ranking is a highly regarded classification of academic journals in the field of business and management. It’s a comprehensive guide that helps researchers identify reputable journals for publishing their work. These rankings are updated periodically to reflect the evolving landscape of academia.

ABS Journal Ranking 2021

The 2021 ABS Journal Ranking is a significant reference point for researchers in the business and management field. It categorizes journals into different tiers, with higher tiers indicating a higher level of impact and recognition.

Access the Full Ranking

For the complete ABS Journal Ranking for 2021, you can access the table below. It will help you explore and search for journals that align with your research interests:


  1. Academic Journal Guide 2021
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