The United States is competing at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

it's the first time that any East Asian city has ever hosted the winter games. 

There are 68 total sports to compete in the games


The most popular ones are Alpine Skiing, Curling, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Snowboarding, and Figure Skating. 


The selection procedure is controversial because the IOC chooses the host city by giving priority to the host country.

 It has been argued that this favors any country with a lot of winter sports facilities, but it also means that countries in developing regions are excluded because they don't have these facilities. 

It will be the first time the US has competed in a Winter Olympics since 1998 and it's their first appearance at the Winter Olympics since 1994 when Norway hosted the games in Lillehammer, according to Yahoo Sports.


Total medals for  United States