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Airlines Warn 5G Wireless Use Would Wreak Havoc On Flights In The U.S

The U.S air carriers have warned AT&T and Verizon Communications that the plans to use the spectrum for 5G wireless could go a long way to disrupt thousands of daily flights and could also have a cost implication on air passengers for about $1.6 billion annually in delays


The aviation industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have jointly raised serious concerns about the potential interference the use spectrum for 5G wireless services will have on sensitive aircraft electronics like the radio altimeters.

The Trade group Airlines for America (A4A) has revealed that if the FAA 5G directive had been in operation since 2019, “approximately 345,000 passenger flights, 32 million passengers, and 5,400 cargo flights would have been impacted in the form of delayed flights, diversions, or cancellations.” 


Meanwhile, the wireless industry is bent on defending the 5G technology. According to CTIA, a wireless trade group, said: “The aviation industry’s fear-mongering relies on completely discredited information and deliberate distortions of fact.”

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A4A has warned that the directive of the FAA would “materially disrupt airline operations” in the country, cargo operators in the estimate “would have cost them $400 million annually” while  “the annual impact cost to passengers to be approximately $1.59 billion” of travel delays.