AWS Finally Explains Cause Of Huge Internet Outage

It was  reported that Amazon’s cloud computing network AWS on Tuesday had a major outage that significantly disrupted services of major companies in the U.S. for more than 5 hours.


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The company, in a statement on Friday, said the outage started on December 7 when an automated computer program that was designed in such a way as to make its network more reliable ended up causing a “large number” of its systems to behave strangely unexpectedly. Amazon added that this, therefore, created a wave of activity on Amazon’s networks, ultimately preventing users from accessing some of its cloud services. .

“The company notified the public that a solution for the latest glitch is coming within two week, adding that there will be an extra network configuration to protect devices in the event of a repeat failure.”

The Amazon cloud division last suffered a major outage like this in 2017, when an employee mistakenly turned off more servers than intended during repairs of a billing system.

“Amazon has recently been enmeshed in controversies, most notable of them the $1.28b fine slashed on the company by Italian regulator ACGM, after it accused Amazon of illegally abusing market dominance. ”