The Christmas comet is approachingand it's lighting up the sky. 

In 2021, this was the first comet to be discovered.

The comet, half a mile wide and composed of rock, dust, and ice.


NASA and the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter had a clear glimpse of the Christmas comet.

“Northern Hemisphere watchers may see the Christmas comet in the evening sky right now”



Even with binoculars, Leonard is a nice comet to watch. And it's located close to Venus, the brightest planet in the solar system.

This is the last opportunity to see the comet, and Leonard was correct. "It is on a collision path with the Earth at a speed of 44 miles per second. There is a chance it might wind up in another galaxy millions of years from now once it leaves our solar system."


On January 3, 2022, it will be at its closest point to the Sun.