Elon Musk person of year

Time magazine named  Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, person of year

Person of the Year is a marker of influence, and few individuals have had more influence than Musk on life on Earth, and potentially life off Earth too



Time Editor-in-Chief and CEO 

In 2021, Musk emerged not only as the world’s wealthiest person but also as arguably the greatest symbol of a huge revolution in our civilization.

According to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, Musk has a total net worth of $266 billion as of Sunday, making him the world's wealthiest person.

According to the index, Musk's worth has increased by $110 billion in the last year. With a fortune of $198 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the second wealthiest man in the world. 

Morgan Stanley, an investment firm, said Musk may become the world's first trillionaire.