Grayson Allen

“Coach: Grayson Allen's dangerous foul with Alex Caruso 'could have ended' player's career”

In the NBA playoffs, Miami Heat player Alex Caruso was in a very precarious position. Down by three points with less than 30 seconds remaining, he shot an open three-pointer from the top of the key to tie the game


“ Unfortunately for Caruso and his family, Allen reacted quickly to force a collision which forced Caruso into a fall that has left him with a broken foot.”

Grayson Allen, a Duke University Men's Basketball player, found himself in the headlines after he attempted to trip a Cal-Berkeley student with a dangerous foul. 


The play resulted in Alex Caruso, who was playing for Cal at the time, sustaining a "severe concussion" and being sidelined from the team for an indefinite period of time..


Since the game, some of the most successful coaches in the country have talked about what they would do if they were in Allen's shoes. 

Every contact sport has risks and Head Coach Gavin Ives of University of Louisville says that "the way Grayson Allen played  night was a dangerous play and could have ended somebody's career."