The Bengals and Titans are in a defensive struggle



What is happening in this game? The Bengals and Titans are playing a defensive struggle where each defense is showing through. What does that mean for those watching the game?

The Bengals are playing a more conservative game now that they're tied at 15 with the Titans. 

The Bengals are forcing the Titans to play on their heels, but they've been able to maintain a lead by dominating time of possession and holding the Titans' offense to just three points per game.


The game started out slow but has been competitive the entire way until the last two minutes of regulation. The game ended with a blocked field goal that saw the Titans walk away victorious.

This week's game is crucial for these two teams because it could mean the difference between making the playoffs and missing them. 

With both teams coming into the game with identical 3-2 records, they'll be looking to prove which team is better at stopping their opponents. 

The Bengals are 7-1 on the road while the Titans are 4-4 at home. ”