Green Screen

Green screening is a popular technique in real-life animation because it is cost-effective

In this technique, actors perform in front of a green screen, and the green screen is later replaced by another video clip created using software such as blender, maya etc.

Object tracking is also a technique used to follow the movement of a moving object in a movie.

Blender and other 3D modelling programmes are used to create the final product.

Maya, 3ds Max, Z-brush, Sculptris, and other modelling software are available.

The nine episodes animated story named  "Maya and the Three" is a fantasy streaming television miniseries created by Jorge R. Gutiérrez and produced by Tangent.

Top 5 3D Animation Software in 2021: 1. Blender – Best Free 3D Animation Software 2. Autodesk Maya – Overall Best 3.Cinema 4D – Best 3D Animation Software for Beginners 4.Houdini – Powerful Professional Software with Free Version 5.Autodesk 3DS Max – Best for Windows