Buy land in Metaverse

According to a new analysis by DappRadar, the demand for digital land in the Metaverse is soaring, with last week bringing in USD 100 million in non-fungible token (NFT) land sales.

What is virtual land

Virtual land is a kind of intangible land. Plots are available for purchase using the money of the particular area, much as in the real world..


Dashed Trail

where to buy land in Metaverse


Somnium Space

The Sandbox


More than USD 900,000 has been invested in Decentraland, which allows investors to make money by renting out their virtual parcels of land for special events or parties.

Steps to buy land in Decentraland





Confirm your virtual LAND

Select a parcel of LAND

Go to the Decentraland Marketplace

Connect your wallet to the Decentraland Marketplace

“Investors may profit from their virtual lands on a regular basis. User can create a virtual home on his virtual property and rent it out for a monthly income using NFTs.”

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