Metaverse and current Market

Top 4 Cryptocurrencies for Metaverse





Enjin Coin

Axis Infinity


The SandBox

Zuckerberg revealed his intentions for the future Metaverse, stating that the digital avatars people would use in this virtual world will be Metaverse NFTs. 

Facebook metaverse

Nvidia (world’s leading manufacturer of graphics and AI) is benefiting from greater attention and investment focused on the Metaverse, increasing demand for its chips. 

Metaverse and AI

Flight Path

Metaverse and Gaming

Epic Games has announced the completion of a $1 billion round of fundraising, which would allow the business to finance future expansion plans..

Future of Metavrse

By 2028, the Metaverse market is estimated to be worth USD 814.2 billion, with a CAGR of 43.8 percent during the forecast period. .

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