Marriage in Metaverse

Real estate brokers Dave and Traci tied the knot in the metaverse lately. Virbela, a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, hosted the event.

“Prior to meeting in person, the couple's avatars met in 2015 in Las Vegas at a work function. Finally, in 2019, the couple got engaged.”

The wedding in the metaverse had a specialised virtual location, guests, and the avatars of the two lovers..


Traci's avatar accompanied a friend's avatar down the aisle. Dave's avatar stood on the platform and watched as his friend's avatar gave a toast to him. .

Attendees needed just to download the application and provide their own avatars. They witnessed the wedding because they were able to watch it online..


We've seen this kind of thing happen in Second Life, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy XIV, and other virtual worlds and games.