The NFL's controversial overtime rules

The NFL overtime rules have been a hot topic this year. 

Under the new rules, if a game goes to overtime, teams will be forced to play on either a possession or series-long format that is now 20 minutes long. 



This rule was implemented because of the large number of games that have gone into overtime this season.


The NFL changed overtime rules in 2012 that now allow for the first team to score a touchdown, win the game. 

Some see this as fair, while others think it was a bad move”

Travis Kelce scored a game-winning touchdown in overtime to help the Chiefs get the win at home against the Broncos

This would have been a monumental win for Kansas City, but that’s not what happened. Instead of celebrating their victory, fans were left wondering why in the world they were watching an overtime tie. 

This is due to NFL Overtime rules