sensors are shaping the games/fitness and our lifes.


Smaller, more accurate, and capable of producing more data as time progresses.

Sensors, which are designed to measure physical properties such as pressure, temperature, humidity, and acceleration, can provide the information needed to make more informed decisions in the field.

With the use of force sensors in sports and fitness devices, real-time, accurate monitoring devices that can measure both force feedback and pressure distribution can be created.

thin and flexible position sensors enable a non-intrusive design that can measure both small and large surface areas without requiring any additional hardware.

Sensor technology produces a "smart" and reliable sports and fitness tool because of the quantified feedback it provides through the use of sensors.

Some Sensors  are: 1. 3 axis accelerometer 2. Gyroscope 3. Altimeter 4. Temperature sensor 5. Bioimpedance sensor 6. Optical sensor