Sentiments Analysis 

We can use sentiment analysis software to quickly learn how your customers feel about your brand, product, or service by automatically analysing text data.

Automatic detection of emotion, tone, and urgency in online conversations is the basis of sentiment analysis tools, which categories messages as positive, negative, or neutral to help you priorities customer requests.

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Ø Lexalytics Ø Brandwatch Ø Social Searcher Ø MeaningCloud Ø Rosette Ø Repustate Ø Clarabridge Ø Social Mention Ø Critical Mention

Tools for Analysis

To automatically sort social media data rather than sifting through each Facebook comment or Tweet and labelling them as positive or negative. To improve your brand reputation and keep customers happy.


To quantify all of your unstructured data and turn it into valuable customer insights, revealing trends and patterns over time, easily spotting customer pain points, and making data-based decisions that improve your brand's reputation and propel your company forward