NFL, NBA and NHLplayers effected by COVID-19

The number of positive cases recorded by the NFL on Monday and Tuesday was 88.


“NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills announced Wednesday that the omicron variety of Covid-19 has been detected among the league's substantial spike in Covid-19 cases.”

In addition to Beckham and Jones, two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs are on the Covid-19 reserve list this week.

Rescheduled games against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday and the Toronto Raptors on Thursday, according to the NBA. About 25 NBA players were under the league's health and safety procedures as of Wednesday afternoon.


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“More than 140 NHL players have been on the Covid protocol list this season.”


NHL postponed the Calgary Flames next three games after six players and a staff member entered the league’s Covid-19 protocol over a 24-hour period.