Tom Brady

Tom Brady, one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks! From his Super Bowl MVP to other competitions, the five-time Super Bowl champion will make you fall in love with football all over again

Tom Brady was outgoing and athletic while growing up. He usually finished first in team sports and played lacrosse, baseball, and football in high school..

Brady graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics and had one more season of eligibility left before being drafted by the New England Patriots; he did not pass on this opportunity because he knew that this would be his chance to finally play in the NFL.


Tom Brady is famous for his achievements in football. What many people don't know about Brady is that he has a fierce disc golf addiction.


Tom Brady's secrets. He has discussed how important it is to stay in shape even during his off-season. For example, not only does he avoid smoking cigarettes, he also doesn't bet on games. Additionally, Brady participates in yoga for at least two hours a day. He is part of an extended family as well, which helps him maintain his health and fitness level on a daily basis for his career and life.

He is a humble superstar who never talks about money or his successes. His 5 Super Bowl Rings always go with him.

Brady maintains relationships with every player, from Brett Favre to even the rookies making the team, just so he feels as if he is part of something bigger than himself


Recently Tom Brady announces his retirement

We all misses his game

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