Clinton Portis

Running back Clinton Earl Portis retired from the National Football League (NFL) after nine seasons as a pro athlete.

He was a member of the Miami Hurricanes' football team throughout his collegiate years.

His career with the Denver Broncos began when he was selected by them in the NFL Draft in round two in 2002.

Portis is most remembered for his seven seasons as the Washington Redskins' main running back, during which he averaged 81.2 yards rushing per game and was named one of the 80 Greatest Redskins by a select panel of celebrities.


The Gainesville High School track and field squad had a star athlete in Portis.


He gained more than 1,500 rushing yards in each of his first two NFL campaigns, averaging 5.5 yards per carry.


For his role in scamming a health-care benefit programme for former NFL players, Clinton Portis was sentenced to six months in federal jail and six months of home confinement.

Convicted of obtaining almost $100,000 by making fraudulent claims for medical equipment he didn't have, Portis, 40, pled guilty to fraud in September, according to court papers.

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