2021 Technical Paper Writing Contest

Insights2Techinfo in association with LoginRadius, eFeed-Hungers, InnovativeFET, Con4com, and CCET ACM Student Chapter is going to organize a 2021 Technical Paper Writing Contest.

Contest Details

  1. Who is eligible for the technical paper writing contest?
    • Any person who is interested in technical writing and wants to share his knowledge with others.
  2. What is the award?
    • Best Paper Award: Three best paper award winners will be selected. In addition to a cash prize, all winners will receive special award, which includes the following:
      • Certificates of the best paper award
      • Publishing the best paper award papers as special featured articles on Insights2Techinfo (A Platform for Researchers and Technology Enthusiasts)
    • Cash prizes will be distributed as follows:
      • 1st Prize Rs 3000/-
      • 2nd Prize Rs 2000/-
      • 3rd Prize Rs 1000/-
    • Consolation Paper Award: Ten consolation paper award winners will be selected. In addition to a cash prize, all consolation award winners will get the following:
      • Certificates of the Consolation paper award
      • Publishing the Consolation paper award papers as featured articles on Insights2Techinfo (A Platform for Researchers and Technology Enthusiasts
    • Note: All the other eligible articles get will be posted on the Insights2Techinfo website Additionally, certificate of participation will be given to all the people participating in this the technical paper writing contest.
  3. What is the deadline for the contest?
    • Article submission deadline: 15th November 2021
    • Declaration of winners: Between 20th – 30th November 2021
  4. How to select the topic?
    • The scope of this contest encompasses the latest computer science topics like:what is cloud computing
      • Federated learning challenges
      • Machine learning and Deep learning
      • Internet of Things
      • Industrial Internet of Things
      • Smart Healthcare
  5. How to organize the article?
    •  Select an appropriate “Title” for the article (technical and research-oriented articles) in the cutting-edge technologies or emerging areas in research. The title should be unique and relevant to the topic addressed.
    • Provide a brief “Overview or Background” of the topic.
    • Include some recent “Statistics, Events, Examples” etc. in the area addressed.
    • Provide “Conceptual Ideas or Knowledge” on the topic by including quality technical information.
    • Include at least 1-2 good quality “Figure(s)”, including frameworks, flow charts, etc., of the conceptual idea or topic addressed. Discuss, provide source (if any), and cite the figure(s) properly in the text of the article. Title(s) of figure(s) must be placed below.
    • Outline some “Open Issues, Challenges, and Perspective Research Directions” in the area addressed.
    • Provide a brief “Conclusion” of the article. The conclusion should provide answers to the aspects addressed in the main discussion of the article.
    • Include around 8-10 appropriate and high quality “References” from different platforms, including journals, transactions, conferences, books, etc., in APA format.
    • Include “Other Useful Resources or Information” (if any) by adding relevant links.
    • The length of the article should be around 1000-2500 words (excluding references). Use of concise, clear, coherent, and error-free language is highly recommended.
    • Article must not have more than 10% plagiarism (excluding references).
    • Limit paragraphs to 200 words. Bullet points can be used (wherever necessary) to highlight the important aspects for ease of readability.
  6. What are the requirements?
    • Only the original article, which are having an overall Similarity Index Percentage (CrossRef Similarity Check by Turnitin) less than 10% will be considered for reviewing.
  7. What is the format to submit the article?
    • The article needs to be submitted in Microsoft Word document format.
  8. How the winners of the contest will be selected?
    • A team of experienced researchers from the Industry and Academia with extensive technical knowledge and experience will review the articles according to the following grounds:The relevancy of the topic
      • The organization of contents
      • The clarity of presentation
      • Originality of article
  9. How to enter the contest?
    • There is no registration fee for the contest. Fill the submission form and upload the article.
  10. Contact Us
    • All questions about submissions should e-mail to; contact@insights2techinfo.com