About Us

Who We Are?

Insights2Techinfo provides a common platform for researchers, academicians, and industry professionals across different working domains to promote knowledge sharing. We are dedicated to explore recent trends and technological advances through the lens of technology enthusiasts and research community. We give an opportunity to connect audience directly with the experts across the globe and collaborate towards building of innovative ideas for the society. Insights2Techinfo is an umbrella for technical and research activities, with the motto – Learn, Apply, Share, and Serve (LASS).

At Insights2Techinfo, we are a dedicated team of researchers, academicians, industry experts, Research and Development (R&D) consultants, and research scholars with substantial experience in technology and research. These people are specialized in various activities like R&D, content creation, software development, publishing and reviewing, and project management, in their respective subjects. Specifically, we share the pride to have a team who believes in open speculation and technology road mapping, as game-changers for successful innovation.

Our Mission 

To cultivate the culture of knowledge and high achievement among the audience via enhancement of the ability to perform in a global community. To promote shared responsibility for imparting the latest development in technology and research.

What We Aim?

We aim to develop an integrated platform for everyone to collaborate creatively with the shared interest of technology and research by broadening awareness. Besides, we aim to build a strong relationship with the global leaders and domain experts to innovate and drive action into research.

Our Objectives

At Insights2Techinfo, our primary goal is to make technology and research-related information readily accessible to everyone, with the following objectives –

  • To promote self-exploration of deep research via tailored insights into research strategies and technological trends.
  • To streamline the research and knowledge via data-driven and application-oriented strategy.
  • To build knowledge dissemination infrastructure for interdisciplinary research via collaborations.
  • To enhance researchers’ ability to obtain, manage, and optimize the process for grants and research projects via consultation.
  • To develop a bridge between practitioners and industries via leading training and internship programs.
  • To guide practitioners to learn and improve research and documentation skills via tutorials.
  • To foster women empowerment in quality research via role modelling and mentoring.

Content Review Strategy

We believe that it is critical to ensure the integrity of the content we share, to keep up with the confidence of our readers. Our dedicated team of subject matter experts meet this task via reference-based rigorous checking aligned with the fair use principle. Besides, the content undergoes professional editing in terms of readability, language, and semantics to ensure high-quality information.