15 Most Popular Books on Smart City Research in 2022

By: Anish Khan

Various corporate and public organizations and governments utilize the notion of a smart city to update municipal operations and make cities better places to live for all of humankind. Information and communication technology are the building blocks of a smart city. [1-4]

Smart Cities
By: Germaine Halegoua MIT Press

Handbook of Research on Developing Smart Cities Based on Digital Twins
By: Matteo Del Giudice, Anna Osello, IGI Global

Data Analytics for Smart Cities
By: Amir Alavi, William G. Buttlar, CRC Press

Global Cities and Urban Theory
By: Donald McNeill, Sage Publication

Seeing Cities Through Big Data
By: Piyushimita Thakuriah, Nebiyou Tilahun, Moira Zellner, Springer Link

Undoing Optimization
By: Alison B Powell, Yale University Press

Smart Cities—Opportunities and Challenges
By: Sirajuddin Ahmed, S. M. Abbas, Hina Zia Springer Link

Smart Cities and Innovative Urban Technologies
By: Tommi Inkinen, Tan Yigitcanlar, Mark Wilson, CRC Press

Untangling Smart Cities
By: Luca Mora, Mark Deakin, ScienceDirect

From Smart Grids to Smart Cities
By: Massimo La Scala, Sergio Bruno, Carlo Alberto Nucci, S. Lamonaca, Ugo Stecchi Wiley Publications

Smart City Emergence
By: Leonidas Anthopoulos, Elsevier Publications

Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Cities
By: Nilanjan Dey, Sharvari Tamane, IGI Global

From Intelligent to Smart Cities
By: Mark Deakin, Husam Al Waer, CRC Press

Sustainable Smart Cities
By: Marta Peris-Ortiz, Dag R. Bennett,, Diana Pérez-Bustamante Yábar, Springer Link

Sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Villages, Research
By: Anna Visvizi, Miltiadis Lytras, MDPI AG Publishers


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