Deep Learning for Forensics and Anti-Forensics

By: D. Peraković

Nowadays, due to the development in the field of modern digital technologies, most of the users save their personal information in the form of digital documents or images. However, attackers can use advanced tools to modify these digital documents for monetary gain (or for several other purposes). Therefore, in order to identify any digital manipulation, digital forensics techniques are used. With the help of digital forensics techniques, a detailed structural analysis of digital documents is possible, and if any manipulation takes place, it can be detected.

However, to counter the digital forensics techniques, attackers developed anti-forensics techniques that can mislead the forensics investigation. Attackers use anti-forensics techniques to manipulate the digital evidence so that forensics techniques are not able to detect any evidence of manipulation of the digital document. There are many types of forensics and anti-forensics tools and techniques available, but use of deep learning methods for the development of forensics and anti-forensics techniques is becoming more and more popular these days.
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