2022 Stanford University’s Top 2% Scientists (Single Year) List: Analysis of Taiwanese Researchers

Recently, Prof. John PA Loannidis and his colleagues at Stanford University publish the list of 2% Most Influential Scientists for 2022 [1][2]. The list consists researchers from differnet countries and research fiels. The lsit includes more than 2 lakh researches all over the world. This list includes more than 1300 Taiwanese researchers. In this article, we analysis the Indian researchers and institution that are included in the Stanford University list. Figure 1 presents the top most Taiwanese researchers.

Figure1: Highley Ranked Researchers

In order to rank the institutes of Taiwan, we calculate the number of researchers from the respective institute in the Stanford list. Figure 2 represents the institute ranking. Apart from institutions, the subject is also an important criterion for analyzing Taiwan’s performance.  Figure 3 represents the important subject selected by the researchers.

Figure 2: Institutes’ performance in Taiwan
Figure 4: Detailed subject analysis

Table 1 : List of Taiwanese Researchers in Stanfort List (Single Year)

Author NameAffiliationRank
Yeh, Jien WeiNational Tsing Hua University186
Ho, Yuh ShanAsia University219
Pumera, MartinChina Medical University Hospital257
Ozturk, IlhanChina Medical University Hospital397
Choi, Tsan MingCollege of Management1055
Chen, Shyi MingNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology1186
Abdeljawad, ThabetChina Medical University1251
Chao, AnneNational Tsing Hua University1733
Chung, Tai ShungNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology1875
Jahn, Bor mingNational Taiwan University1878
Huang, Norden E.National Central University1995
Chen, Wei HsinNational Cheng Kung University2375
Chen, Yu ShanNational Taipei University2542
Tseng, Ming LangAsia University2940
Lin, Chih JenNational Taiwan University3009
Tsai, Chin ChungNational Taiwan Normal University3522
Lin, Hsiu FenNational Taiwan Ocean University3663
Kao, ChiangNational Cheng Kung University3890
Chen, Ching FuNational Cheng Kung University4531
Hsueh, Po RenSchool of Medicine4654
Hwang, Gwo JenNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology4861
Chen, Mei FangTatung University5236
Hong, Wei ChiangAsia Eastern University of Science and Technology5349
Lee, Duu JongNational Taiwan University5495
Tsai, Wen TienNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology5680
Jang, Jyh Shing RogerNational Taiwan University6072
Chen, Liang KungVeterans General Hospital-Taipei6982
Shiue, IvyNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan7117
Chen, Chien JenAcademia Sinica, Genomics Research Center7228
Mobayen, SalehNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology7269
Chou, Jui ShengNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology7313
Pugazhendhi, ArivalaganCollege of Medical and Health Science7921
Tsai, Chih FongNational Central University8100
Wang, Yi ShunNational Changhua University of Education8113
Chang, Jo ShuTunghai University8603
Chen, Chen Tung A.National Sun Yat-Sen University8749
Lee, Tsung HungNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology8941
Shmueli, GalitNational Tsing Hua University9231
Liu, Ru ShiNational Taiwan University9604
Tsai, Ming HungNational Chung Hsing University10069
Chen, Ting YuChang Gung University10263
Tzeng, Gwo HshiungNational Taipei University10699
Sheu, Jiuh BiingNational Taiwan University10823
Kao, Jia HorngNational Taiwan University Hospital11077
Cheng, Ann LiiNational Taiwan University Hospital11132
Band, Shahab S.National Yunlin University of Science and Technology11289
Tseng, Chin HsiaoNational Taiwan University Hospital11468
Yen, Gow ChinNational Chung Hsing University11483
Raja, Muhammad Asif ZahoorNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology11687
Juang, Ruey ShinChang Gung University11743
Chung, Sun LinNational Taiwan University11930
Chang, Ching HsunNational Taiwan Normal University12083
Gupta, BrijAsia University12156
Chai, Jeng DaNational Taiwan University12381
Chih-Hsin Yang, JamesNational Taiwan University Hospital12733
Wu, Ping PingChina Medical University13712
Ali, S.China Medical University14006
Hayashi, TamioNational Tsing Hua University14652
Yan, Wei MonNational Taipei University of Technology14725
Pan, ErnianNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University15250
Hung, Mien ChieChina Medical University15300
Kuo, Shiao WeiNational Sun Yat-Sen University15419
Chen, Shen MingNational Taipei University of Technology15548
Huang, ChiungjungNational Changhua University of Education15849
Cheng, Ching HsueNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology16088
Tsai, Shih JenVeterans General Hospital-Taipei16863
Lin, Chieh PengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University17106
Ong, Hwai ChyuanNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology17511
Wang, Chi ChuanNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University17514
Lai, Chih ChengVeterans General Hospital-Kaohsiung Taiwan17701
Andrew Lin, Kun YiNational Chung Hsing University18182
Lai, Michael M.C.China Medical University Hospital18981
Chou, Pi TaiNational Taiwan University19438
Goodarzi, M.China Medical University Hospital19450
Ko, Chih HungKaohsiung Medical University19537
Wu, Yenchun JimNational Taiwan Normal University19853
Tsao, Yu ChungNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology20039
Liu, Fu TongAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences20057
Chu, Ying HaoNational Chiao Tung University20210
Liao, Shu HsienTamkang University21378
Chiu, Chao MinNational Sun Yat-Sen University21688
Hsiao, Kai LongTaiwan Shoufu University21746
Sze, Simon M.National Chiao Tung University21897
Chen, Ding ShinnNational Taiwan University Hospital22415
Yao, Jen ChihChina Medical University Hospital22436
Hwang, Bing JoeNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology22542
Juang, HseinNational Central University22663
Liu, Ying LingNational Tsing Hua University22940
Huang, Michael H.National Tsing Hua University23181
Huang, Ming HuiCollege of Management23406
Wai, Rong JongNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology23845
Yeh, I. ChengTamkang University24118
Chang, Hsin HsinNational Cheng Kung University24150
Chen, Hao MingNational Taiwan University24387
Yang, Miin ShenChung Yuan Christian University24532
Wang, Shuu JiunNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan24599
Shellnutt, J. GregoryNational Taiwan Normal University24904
Lin, Yi ChiChang Gung University College of Medicine25078
Yoshimura, MasahiroNational Cheng Kung University25322
Liu, Chih HsingNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology25644
Lin, Tzu PingNational Cheng Kung University25992
Chen, Chih MingNational Chengchi University26315
Wang, Ching JenChang Gung University College of Medicine26349
Hu, Che Ming JackAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences26682
Dye, Chung YuanThree Mountains Publishing Co., Ltd.26909
Mi, Fwu LongSchool of Medicine27146
Sasaki, MisaoNational Taiwan University27190
Mursaleen, MohammadChina Medical University Hospital27329
Liang, Ting PengNational Sun Yat-Sen University27679
Tsao, Chung ChenLungHwa University of Science and Technology27828
Lin, Angela Yu ChenCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University28334
Fang, Jia YouChang Gung University29248
Wu, Wei WenTa Hwa University of Science and Technology29378
Mau, Jeng LeunNational Chung Hsing University30435
Baumann, DanielNational Taiwan University30439
Yen, Cheng FangKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital30711
Lai, Jui YangChang Gung University30770
Chung, Sheng HengNational Cheng Kung University30949
Yeh, Wei ChangNational Tsing Hua University31238
Hsu, Shan huiNational Taiwan University31374
Yang, Pan ChyrNational Taiwan University Hospital31539
Tsai, Kuen HungNational Taipei University31702
Wee, Hui MingChung Yuan Christian University31778
Diau, Eric Wei GuangNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University32106
Yang, Chun ChenMing Chi University of Technology32131
Chen, Chen TungNational United University Taiwan32145
Hwang, Gwo JenNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology32368
Chen, Jyh PingChang Gung Memorial Hospital32370
Ho, Kuo ChuanNational Taiwan University32480
Burnouf, ThierryTaipei Medical University32554
Tseng, Ru LingNational United University Taiwan32618
Tang, Chih HsinChina Medical University32627
Li, Cheng HsienNational Sun Yat-Sen University32720
Brimblecombe, PeterNational Sun Yat-Sen University32910
Liaw, Shu ShengChina Medical University33348
Lu, LuoNational Taiwan University33500
Chang, Chin ChenFeng Chia University33599
Wu, Kevin C.W.National Taiwan University33986
Le, Nguyen Quoc KhanhTaipei Medical University34459
Navimipour, Nima JafariNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology34664
Chang, Mei HweiNational Taiwan University College of Medicine35268
Wong, Kin LuNational Sun Yat-Sen University35272
Teng, Ching I.Chang Gung University35295
Lin, Jen KunNational Taiwan University College of Medicine35431
Sung, Hsing WenNational Tsing Hua University35469
Liu, Leroy F.Taipei Medical University35962
Pan, Min HsiungNational Taiwan University35966
Su, Kuan PinChina Medical University36102
Lee, Ming ChiNational Pingtung University36877
Gau, Susan Shur FenNational Taiwan University Hospital36879
Pao, Hsiao TienNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University36977
Liu, Shiang TaiVanung University Taiwan37062
Cheung, K.National Tsing Hua University37398
Kuo, R. J.National Taiwan University of Science and Technology37880
Chueh, Chu ChenNational Taiwan University38199
Hung, Hsiu TingNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology38288
Tu, Yu KangNational Taiwan University38927
Verslues, Paul E.Academia Sinica, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology39355
Teng, HsishengNational Cheng Kung University39666
Wu, Chin SanKao Yuan University Taiwan39683
Lin, Zong HongNational Tsing Hua University39810
Wu, Ing LongNational Chung Cheng University39940
Cheng, Yung MingChaoyang University of Technology40162
Aydi, HassenChina Medical University Hospital40163
Teng, Jen HaoNational Sun Yat-Sen University40207
Schmidt, WolfgangNational Chung Hsing University40585
Hu, Chi ChangNational Tsing Hua University40800
Chen, Chung JenCollege of Management41002
Wu, Jeffrey Chi ShengNational Taiwan University41044
Liao, James C.Academia Sinica, Institute of Biological Chemistry41502
Wu, Kenneth K.National Health Research Institutes Taiwan41804
Hsueh, Chun HwayNational Taiwan University42201
Stević, StevoChina Medical University Hospital42397
Huang, LeafChung Yuan Christian University42426
Chen, Mu YenNational Cheng Kung University42454
Wei, Yau HueiChanghua Christian Hospital Taiwan42625
Lin, Chiu YueFeng Chia University42655
Hsu, Ting ChiaNational Taiwan Normal University42962
Juang, Chia FengNational Chung Hsing University43482
Chen, Hsiao HwaNational Cheng Kung University43596
Pan, Chien YuNational Kaohsiung Normal University43965
Ching, JianyeCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University44227
Lin, Shih WeiChang Gung Memorial Hospital44294
Wahlqvist, Mark L.National Health Research Institutes Taiwan45147
Kuo, Hann ChorngTzu Chi University45184
Lau, John H.Unimicron Technology Corporation45785
Guo, Guang YuNational Taiwan University46047
Angata, TakashiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biological Chemistry46076
Shiau, Jenq TzongNational Cheng Kung University46358
Liaw, Yun FanChang Gung University College of Medicine46899
Hocheng, H.National Tsing Hua University47061
Kuo, Tsai ChiNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology47242
Liu, Tai PingAcademia Sinica Taiwan47357
Pan, Shu YuanNational Taiwan University47460
Lin, I. I.National Taiwan University47556
Lin, Chang ShouNational Taiwan University47885
Hsiao, Kuo LunNational Taichung University of Science and Technology48064
Chen, Mu ChenNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University48131
Chang, Shang ChwenNational Taiwan University Hospital48196
Wang, Edward Shih TseNational Chung Hsing University48197
Liaw, Yun FanChang Gung University College of Medicine48469
Wu, Hsien ChungNational Kaohsiung Normal University48686
Hu, Miao LinNational Chung Hsing University49103
Yau, J. D.Tamkang University49362
Weng, Chih HuangI-Shou University49429
Chiou, Tzyy JenAcademia Sinica, Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center49604
Liou, James J.H.National Taipei University of Technology49720
Fujimori, A.National Tsing Hua University50008
Huarng, Kun HuangNational Taipei University of Business50346
Chen, Chun YenNational Cheng Kung University50476
YIN, MEI CHINAsia University50802
Galagan, YuliaNational Taiwan University51200
Chang, Chun TuanNational Sun Yat-Sen University51372
Lee, Yi HsienNational Tsing Hua University51449
Chang, Ching TerCollege of Management51967
Viswanathan, KarthickeyanNational Cheng Kung University52001
Chen, Shiu ShengNational Taiwan University52090
Cheng, Colin C.J.National Taipei University52145
Chien, Chen FuNational Tsing Hua University52566
Chang, Yu KaiNational Taiwan Normal University52574
Doong, Ruey anNational Tsing Hua University52876
Ryu, IlhyongNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University52919
Hou, Huei TseNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology52990
Chen, P.National Taiwan University53276
Wang, Fu KwunNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology53352
Chung, Jing GungChina Medical University53634
Wu, Feng ChinNational United University Taiwan53708
Chen, Lih JuannNational Tsing Hua University53719
Wang, Her YungNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology54004
Patel, Anil KumarNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology54274
Yang, Muh HwaNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University54438
Mak, Athena H.N.National Taiwan Normal University54581
Liang, ChenjuNational Chung Hsing University54671
Lin, Pao YenChang Gung University College of Medicine54733
Ko, Wen ChienNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine54918
Lin, Chung YingNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine54981
Chen, Pei JerNational Taiwan University Hospital55026
Chang, Fi JohnNational Taiwan University55054
Chiou, Jyh ShenNational Chengchi University55199
Liou, Tzong HorngMing Chi University of Technology55256
Cheng, Min YuanNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology55279
Lin, Kae LongNational Ilan University55400
Liu, Chun JenNational Taiwan University Hospital55470
Chueh, Yu LunNational Tsing Hua University55610
Lin, Judy Chuan ChuanSoochow University, Taipei55637
Lin, Feng TseChinese Culture University Taiwan55788
Singhania, Reeta RaniNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology55789
Tsai, Chun WeiNational Sun Yat-Sen University55846
Lu, Hsi PengNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology56248
Hwang, Jenn JiangAPT Hydrogen56336
Ho, C. J.National Cheng Kung University56579
Wu, Chung HsinNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology57304
Huang, Chih ChingNational Taiwan Ocean University57954
Liang, Po HuangNational Taiwan University58016
Chen, Ming HueiNational Chung Hsing University58783
Lin, Faa JengNational Central University59011
Yang, Yi HsuanAcademia Sinica Taiwan59140
Kao, Chia HungChina Medical University59634
Pei, Soo ChangNational Taiwan University59858
Tsai, I. ChunNational University of Kaohsiung59886
Wei, Fu ChanChang Gung Memorial Hospital60381
Kuo, Po LinCollege of Medicine60718
Yang, Chih WeiChang Gung University College of Medicine60757
Huang, Shih ChiaNational Taipei University of Technology60887
Chang, Kuei HuChinese Military Academy Taiwan60935
Hsu, Chin LungNational Taipei University of Business60940
Lin, HsinAcademia Sinica, Institute Of Physics61186
Lee, D. T.Academia Sinica, Institute of Information Science61235
Pai, Chi FengNational Taiwan University61510
Wu, Cheng HanNational Cheng Kung University61994
Ho, Ching HwaNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology62141
Liu, Dean MoNational Chiao Tung University62500
Dong, Cheng DiNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology62520
Wen, Chao KaiNational Sun Yat-Sen University62531
Tsay, Yi FangAcademia Sinica, Institute of Molecular Biology62568
Wu, Jyh MingNational Tsing Hua University62756
Huang, Yueh MinNational Cheng Kung University62858
Chu, Chia YuNational Taiwan University College of Medicine62932
Wu, Kou JueyChang Gung University63260
Wu, Lei YuNCCU College of Commerce63308
Hwang, Pung PungAcademia Sinica, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology63570
Lai, Juin YihNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology64116
Chen, Jung ChiehNational Cheng Kung University64536
Wu, Tian ShungNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine64805
Chen, Shih AnnVeterans General Hospital-Taichung Taiwan64873
Yen, Ju YuCollege of Medicine65011
Hu, Yi ChungChung Yuan Christian University65303
Tsai, Shu PeiShih Hsin University65345
Pan, Wen HarnAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences65837
Lu, Ming ChunNational Chung Hsing University66095
Yang, Ching NungNational Dong Hwa University66249
Tsai, Du MingYuan Ze University66348
Kuo, Chang FuChang Gung Memorial Hospital66593
Duh, Pin DerChia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science Taiwan66713
Chiou, Shih HwaVeterans General Hospital-Taipei66881
Shiau, Shi YenFu Jen Catholic University66910
Truscott, JohnNational Tsing Hua University66944
Yang, Jen TeNational Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism67135
Yeh, Kuo HuiNational Dong Hwa University67157
Hong, Ying YiChung Yuan Christian University67236
Wu, Jian HongNational Cheng Kung University67302
Wu, Chun YingNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan67405
Lee, Amy H.I.Chung Hua University67450
Tsai, Wen HsienNational Central University67541
Oey, Lie YauwNational Central University67701
Yang, Chih HaiNational Central University67921
Ying, Kuo ChingNational Taipei University of Technology68061
Rezapour, ShahramChina Medical University Hospital68439
Lee, Cheng ChiFu Jen Catholic University68910
Tsaur, Sheng HshiungNational Chiayi University68925
Wu, Nae LihNational Taiwan University68988
Huang, Her HsiungNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University69001
Chen, Li TzongNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan69340
Wang, Eric T.G.National Central University69402
Hsu, Sze BiNational Tsing Hua University69431
Hong, WienNational Taichung University of Science and Technology69451
Chiang, Pen ChiCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University70068
Li, Chia YingNational Taichung University of Science and Technology70088
Chiu, Fu ChienMing Chuan University70193
Cheng, Kun HungNational Chung Hsing University70209
Wu, Yang ChangChina Medical University Hospital70229
Chung, Wen HungChang Gung Memorial Hospital70415
Hsu, Meng HsiangNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology70440
Chen, Chiing ChangNational Taichung University of Education71195
Chen, Yung FuNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University71330
Agoramoorthy, GovindasamyTajen Technological University71437
Wen, Chi PangNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan71438
Yang, Stephen J.H.National Central University71700
Turner-Walker, GordonNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology71857
Lai, Chiu LinNational Taipei University of Education72015
Hsieh, Hsiu FangFooyin University Taiwan72253
Chen, Chih PingMackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan72342
Kung, Chung WeiNational Cheng Kung University72591
Wu, Tsai FuNational Tsing Hua University73329
Shieh, GwowenNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University73617
Chen, C. T.National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Taiwan74009
Liu, Chein ShanNational Taiwan Ocean University74334
Lo, Shang LienCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University74392
Gaing, Zwe LeeKao Yuan University Taiwan74426
Hou, Wei ShuNational Taiwan University74854
Chiang, Chern EnVeterans General Hospital-Taipei75102
Sung, Yao TingNational Taiwan Normal University75177
Wang, Wei ChengNational Cheng Kung University76163
Chen, Shih ChihNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology76268
Shun, Tao TsungFeng Chia University76376
Yang, C.National Health Research Institutes Taiwan76844
Yu, Chang PingCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University76891
Li, Hsiang NanAcademia Sinica, Institute Of Physics77066
Huang, Chih YangChina Medical University77144
Tseng, Vincent S.National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University77194
Wu, Chun ChiehNational Taiwan University77396
Huang, Ying ZuChang Gung Memorial Hospital77405
Yang, Ya Ting CarolynNational Cheng Kung University77636
Han, Ke TsungNational Chin-Yi University of Technology77697
Hsu, Po HsuanNational Tsing Hua University77849
Mohamed, Mohamed GamalNational Sun Yat-Sen University78044
Sheu, Wayne H.H.Veterans General Hospital-Taipei78144
Chang, TsangyaoFeng Chia University78172
Lee, Yuh LangNational Cheng Kung University78183
Hung, Sung FuNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University78423
Hwang, Kwang KuoNational Taiwan University78468
Chi, MaochiehWu Feng University78624
Wu, Horng WenNational Cheng Kung University78693
Fuh, Jong LingVeterans General Hospital-Taipei78837
Ho, Yew KamAcademia Sinica, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences79039
Wong, Ken TsungNational Taiwan University79407
Wu, Yuan KangNational Chung Cheng University79423
Wu, Yu WeiTaipei Medical University79760
Chou, ChienNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University79773
Chang, Shih senChina Medical University79965
Hsu, Li ChangLing Tung University80007
Chang, Tian PauNankai University of Technology80035
Chen, Bing HueiFu Jen Catholic University80114
Bai, Ya MeiVeterans General Hospital-Taipei80176
Hwang, CheinwayNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University80250
Cheng, Andrew Tai AnnChina Medical University80310
Lan, Yu JuNational Taiwan Normal University80354
Chou, ChiaAcademia Sinica, Research Center for Environmental Changes80584
Yang, Shun FaChung Shan Medical University80592
Pai, Ping FengNational Chi Nan University80708
Gavahian, MohsenNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology80842
Chang, Li ChiuTamkang University80947
Jeng, Yeau RenNational Cheng Kung University81261
Hsieh, Chien TeYuan Ze University81402
Chen, Dong HwangNational Cheng Kung University81437
Tsai, Chen Tsang (Simon)Tainan University of Technology81898
Tsai, Chia LiangNational Cheng Kung University82485
Wang, Andrew H.J.Academia Sinica, Institute of Biological Chemistry83513
Hsu, Chia LinChinese Culture University Taiwan83769
Chung, Ying ChienChina University of Science and Technology84146
Luo, Ren C.National Taiwan University84176
Liu, Jann YenqNational Central University84193
Wu, Yih MinNational Taiwan University84340
Yu, Ming MiinNational Taiwan Ocean University84652
Lu, Shih YuanNational Tsing Hua University84657
Chen, Mu HongVeterans General Hospital-Taipei84681
Wu, Jen HerNational Sun Yat-Sen University85258
Yu, Chong JenNational Taiwan University Hospital85363
Chang, Kuo ChienChihlee University of Technology85366
Lin, Hsien HoNational Taiwan University85396
Ke, Po YuanChang Gung Memorial Hospital85677
Yang, Hwai I.Academia Sinica, Genomics Research Center85842
Liu, Hao LiNational Taiwan University86124
Ip, Wing HuenNational Central University86422
Wong, Tzu TsungNational Cheng Kung University86524
Lin, Yi KueiAsia University87016
Chang, Huan TsungNational Taiwan University87168
Lian, Jiunn WoeiNational Taichung University of Science and Technology87255
Liaw, Yun FanChang Gung University College of Medicine87289
Lin, Chun CheNational Taipei University of Technology87438
Huang, Ching ChuanNational Cheng Kung University87454
Sun, Jerry Chih YuanNational Chiao Tung University87503
Chen, Chen HuanVeterans General Hospital-Taipei87603
Huang, Chun MingKaohsiung Medical University87834
Guo, Yue LeonNational Taiwan University87916
Chen, Nian ShingNational Taiwan Normal University88148
Inayatullah, SohailTamkang University88533
Su, Tung PingVeterans General Hospital-Taipei88662
Wang, LiNational Cheng Kung University88962
Wang, Ying JanNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine88964
Wang, Yu JieNational Penghu University89081
Tain, You LinChang Gung University College of Medicine89207
Chen, Chu SongNational Taiwan University89255
Chen, Jiann ChuNational Taiwan Ocean University89321
Hsu, Ching HsienAsia University89369
Wang, Chung YiNational Formosa University Taiwan89384
Chen, Tin Chih TolyNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University89426
Wu, Ming ShiangNational Taiwan University Hospital89902
Chen, Li ChyongNational Taiwan University89912
Chao, Huan PingChung Yuan Christian University89924
Hsu, Chao PingAcademia Sinica, Institute of Chemistry90449
Lu, Chi JieFu Jen Catholic University90533
Liu, Rai ShungNational Tsing Hua University91714
Chu, Chih WeiChang Gung University91880
Cheng, Juei TangChi Mei Medical Center92036
Lin, Yu ChuanNational Cheng Kung University92262
Rahmani, Amir MasoudNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology92346
Wang, Peng HuiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University92367
Ohta, NobuyoshiNational Central University92561
Lin, Herng ChingTaipei Medical University Hospital92912
Lai, Chien HanNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan92946
Tsai, Tsen FangNational Taiwan University College of Medicine92967
Hsu, Hui ChuanTaipei Medical University93073
Lee, Che HsinNational Sun Yat-Sen University93209
Hseu, Zeng YeiNational Taiwan University93232
Wu, Chau RonNational Taiwan Normal University93346
Huang, Yhu CheringChang Gung Memorial Hospital93376
Li, Chia WeiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences93701
Chen, Der YuanChina Medical University Hospital93710
Chung, Kun JenNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology93977
Lin, Jaw TownChina Medical University Hospital94552
Lin, Cherng YuanNational Taiwan Ocean University94656
Urban, Pawel L.National Tsing Hua University94772
Liu, Kuo ChiFar East University94906
Kannagi, ReijiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences95213
Lin, Chun ChengChina Medical University Hospital95496
Tsai, Fuu JenChina Medical University95804
Chou, Kuei RuTaipei Medical University96077
Hsu, Kuo ChiangChina Medical University96123
Lin, Cheng WenChina Medical University96282
Chang, Shou YiNational Tsing Hua University96356
Lu, Wen MinChinese Culture University Taiwan96473
Su, Chung HoShu-Te University96564
Yang, Ching ChowChung Yuan Christian University96651
Lin, Kuo PingTunghai University96808
Tseng, Shu MeiI-Shou University96834
Huang, Mu HsuanNational Taiwan University96972
Huang, Yao HuiNational Cheng Kung University96982
Chang, Chun MingMing Chuan University97424
Hu, Jin LiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University97428
Wu, Mao SungNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology97484
Chang, Chih ChungNational Taiwan University97505
Hong, Chang ZernTaiwan Myopain Society97512
Huang, Yu ChengTamkang University97589
Lan, Pei ChiaNational Taiwan University97688
Wu, Chun GueyNational Central University97712
Su, Yu ShengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University97837
Wu, Pin ChiehNational Cheng Kung University98034
Chen, Mei ChinNational Cheng Kung University98285
Kuo, Yueh HsiungChina Medical University98516
Wang, Di YanTunghai University98666
Loh, Chin HsiungCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University98718
Chang, Shang TzenNational Taiwan University98884
Ju, Shen HawNational Cheng Kung University98951
Lu, Chung ChengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University98966
Wu, Jiun YuNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University99710
Hung, Wen LiangNational Tsing Hua University100533
Horng, Ming HuwiNational Pingtung University100799
Tang, Siew TzuhChang Gung Memorial Hospital101199
Young, Sheng JoueNational United University Taiwan101509
Chen, Swe KaiNational Tsing Hua University101919
Chang, Pei ChannYuan Ze University102131
Lin, Sheng H.Yuan Ze University102377
Wang, Chih HsuanNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University102443
Yen, Tzu ChenChang Gung Memorial Hospital102718
Yang, Lung ShengFar East University102817
Huang, Yu FongCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University103198
Palanisamy, SelvakumarNational Taipei University of Technology103335
Ponnusamy, Vinoth KumarKaohsiung Medical University103419
Chou, Chang HungChina Medical University103875
Chang, YungChung Yuan Christian University103975
Lai, Yen ShinNational Taipei University of Technology104011
Chang, Meng FanNational Tsing Hua University104282
Cheng, Kuan ChenNational Taiwan University104888
Lin, Yu MingTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company104943
Tseng, Tseung YuenNational Chiao Tung University105273
Hung, Shih ChiehChina Medical University105406
Lu, ChungsyingNational Chung Hsing University105435
Yamaguchi, HirohitoChina Medical University105617
Hwang, Kuo ChuNational Tsing Hua University105663
Chao, Benjamin F.Academia Sinica, Institute of Earth Sciences105834
Veerakumar, PitchaimaniNational Taiwan University106000
Lin, Feng HueiNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan106655
Shyu, Kou GiShin-Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital Taiwan106752
Liaw, Der JangNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology107394
Chen, Fang ChungNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University107548
Kuo, Sen M.Chung Yuan Christian University107569
Hung, Wei SongNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology107712
Liou, Yuei AnNational Central University108013
Chang, Gary W.National Chung Cheng University108072
Chiou, Cary T.National Cheng Kung University108290
Chiu, Cheng HsunChang Gung Memorial Hospital108631
Deng, Wei JawChung Hua University108747
Lee, Gwo BinNational Tsing Hua University108801
Schaible, SiegfriedChung Yuan Christian University108898
Hou, Chia HungCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University109278
Yeh, PochiNational Chiao Tung University109321
Chang, Te ShengNational University of Tainan Taiwan109357
Chao, Tze FanVeterans General Hospital-Taipei109524
Cheng, Ta WuiNational Taipei University of Technology109917
Li, Chung YiNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine110017
Tsai, Wen HsiangNational Chiao Tung University110386
Goto, TomotsuguNational Tsing Hua University110388
Chen, Chin TiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Chemistry110633
Shih, Jin YuanNational Taiwan University Hospital110710
Lin, Liang TzungSchool of Medicine111113
Chen, Chia ChenNational Chung Hsing University111123
Chen, Chih ChiangNational Cheng Kung University111225
Chang, Luan YingNational Taiwan University Hospital111382
Guo, How RanNational Cheng Kung University Hospital111562
Yip, Hon KanChang Gung Memorial Hospital111569
Lei, Kin FongChang Gung University111667
Su, Chia HungMing Chi University of Technology112105
Chien, I. LungNational Taiwan University112124
Chang, Chun PingShih Chien University112381
Hu, ChechiaNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology113054
Kuo, Yung ChihNational Chung Cheng University113105
Liu, Shing HwaNational Taiwan University College of Medicine113172
Chang, Hsing YiNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan113536
Yang, Albert C.National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University113794
Lin, Shih HuaTriservice General Hospital Taiwan113929
Chuang, Yao ChungChang Gung University College of Medicine113987
Kotobuki, MasashiMing Chi University of Technology114117
Lin, Yu PinNational Taiwan University114121
Chou, Fang ChengNational Taiwan University114377
Chang, Tay RongNational Cheng Kung University114402
Chou, Chung CheNational Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering Taiwan114423
Tsai, Meng JungNational Taiwan Normal University114634
Hong, Jon chaoNational Taiwan Normal University114697
Ou, Chang YuNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology114937
Hong, Tzung PeiNational University of Kaohsiung115130
Chien, Kuo LiongNational Taiwan University115477
Kokulnathan, ThangaveluNational Taipei University of Technology115487
Lin, Chun MingMing Hsin University of Science and Technology Taiwan115868
Hu, Yu ChenNational Tsing Hua University116263
Liang, Tsorng JuuNational Cheng Kung University116330
Lin, Wan WanTaipei Medical University116439
Chiu, Jeng JiannNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan116531
Row, Jeen SheenNational Changhua University of Education116796
Murashige, T.Academia Sinica, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology116824
Sun, Chia ChiTamkang University117072
Ju, Yi HsuNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology117772
Nagarajan, DilliraniNational Cheng Kung University118030
Lin, Yi LiNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology118347
Hsu, ChiunNational Taiwan University Hospital118387
Khandy, Shakeel AhmadNational Taiwan University118804
Sim, Chow Yen DesmondFeng Chia University118890
Lin, Shiang TaiNational Taiwan University119165
Chang, Jeng KueiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University119550
Imae, ToyokoNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology119916
Lee, Wen ChungNational Taiwan University119984
Wang, Chia NanNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology120139
Gruissem, WilhelmNational Chung Hsing University120438
Chen, ChiachungNational Chung Hsing University120689
Chuang, Yung YuNational Taiwan University120736
Chang, Ke VinNational Taiwan University Hospital120755
Jeng, Yung MingNational Taiwan University Hospital120857
Hsieh, Ying HenChina Medical University120945
Lin, Chun ChingKaohsiung Medical University121276
Lin, Chia ChiNational Taiwan University Hospital121599
Tsai, Pei ShanTaipei Municipal Wan-Fang Hospital121645
Chen, Miin FuChang Gung Memorial Hospital122310
Wu, KeqiangNational Taiwan University122994
Chen, Wen ChangNational Taiwan University123105
Yu, Chian SonShih Chien University123118
Cheng, Chien HongNational Tsing Hua University123143
Huang, Cheng LungNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology123168
Mou, Chung YuanNational Taiwan University123948
Inbaraj, Baskaran StephenFu Jen Catholic University123961
Lai, Shih WeiChina Medical University Hospital123980
Lee, Oscar Kuang ShengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University124203
Huo, Teh IaVeterans General Hospital-Taipei124232
Liu, Shou HengNational Cheng Kung University124339
Yu, Linda Chia HuiNational Taiwan University College of Medicine124341
Lin, Gong RuNational Taiwan University124461
Chen, Bor YannNational Ilan University124651
Hsueh, Yi PingAcademia Sinica, Institute of Molecular Biology124684
Wang, Feng ShengChang Gung University College of Medicine124690
Yang, Chung ShanChang Jung Christian University125227
Chang, Li YenNational Chiayi University125467
Hung, Tzu ChenNational Taipei University of Technology125765
Chang, Fang RongKaohsiung Medical University126172
Iwai, H.National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University126399
Hung, Shuen IuChang Gung Memorial Hospital126946
Tsao, Chia WenNational Central University127026
Chiang, Hsiu SenNational Taichung University of Science and Technology127112
Kuo, Ying FengNational University of Kaohsiung127201
Lin, J. R.Nanya Institute of Technology Taiwan127333
Lin, Tsung I.National Chung Hsing University127431
Wang, San LangTamkang University127474
Sankar, RamanAcademia Sinica, Institute Of Physics127802
Ma, Chen Chi M.National Tsing Hua University128169
Yu, Su MayNational Chung Hsing University128223
Chiang, Cheng WeiNational Taiwan University128260
Shu, Chi MinNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology128280
Chen, Po YuNational Tsing Hua University128395
Ho, Wen FuNational University of Kaohsiung128481
Wang, Chau JongChung Shan Medical University128508
Guo, Jong ShenqTamkang University129066
Hsiao, MichaelAcademia Sinica, Genomics Research Center129391
Chen, Chien HsinNational Formosa University Taiwan129452
Liu, Chun HungNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology129544
Huang, Hsiu MeiNational Taichung University of Science and Technology129584
Yang, Shu ChingNational Sun Yat-Sen University129642
Tseng, Chien ChengNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology129690
Wu, Chung ChihNational Taiwan University129741
Chou, PesusNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University129800
Lee, Ching TingYuan Ze University129895
Huang, Shin MingNational Sun Yat-Sen University129991
Tan, Wee KhengNational Sun Yat-Sen University130179
Lee, Chien ChangNational Taiwan University130205
Lee, Ping IngNational Taiwan University Hospital130373
Chen, Pau ChungNational Taiwan University130511
Hung, Chang MaoNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology130938
Lai, Chi MingNational Cheng Kung University131034
Moore, S.National Taiwan University College of Medicine131057
Huang, Yong MingSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology131112
Cho, Ching ChangNational Formosa University Taiwan131139
Cheng, Yung HsiangNational Cheng Kung University131395
Liu, Chen WuingNational Taiwan University132003
Chen, Tony Hsiu HsiNational Taiwan University132105
Chang, Chi JungFeng Chia University132139
Hsu, Ya LingCollege of Medicine132410
Yin, Peng YengChina University of Technology132470
Chou, Chien ChangNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology132725
Lin, Cheng ChiehChina Medical University Hospital132758
Yan, Biing HwaNational Central University132784
Liu, Chun LinNational Taiwan University133201
Chi, Ching ChiChang Gung Memorial Hospital133489
Dong, Chung LiTamkang University133537
Chang, Chi ChengNational Taiwan Normal University133608
Sun, MinNational Tsing Hua University133623
Cheng, Ming HueiChang Gung Memorial Hospital133735
Chang, Kuo EnNational Taiwan Normal University133774
Chen, Yaow MingNational Taiwan University133834
Hu, Ya HanNational Central University134042
Chen, Ching HueiNational Changhua University of Education134057
Lin, Su JienNational Tsing Hua University134207
Horng, Shi JinnNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology134421
Ueda, MitsuruNational Taiwan University134536
Chang, Yih LeongNational Taiwan University College of Medicine134831
Yang, Cheng HongKaohsiung Medical University134876
Fu, Yen PeiNational Dong Hwa University134942
Higuchi, AkonNational Central University135288
Sheu, Joen RongCollege of Medicine135352
Lai, Mei ShuNational Taiwan University135534
Lou, Ching WenAsia University135793
Chen, Cha’O KuangNational Cheng Kung University135796
Chang, Shoou JinnNational Cheng Kung University135960
Lan, Cheng CheCollege of Medicine136144
Yu, Vincent F.National Taiwan University of Science and Technology136877
Chang, Huan ChengNational Taiwan Normal University136927
Wu, Chien WeiNational Tsing Hua University137025
Chen, Li LiNational Taiwan Ocean University137084
Sun, Hsin YunNational Taiwan University College of Medicine137154
Lin, Yu HungNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology137330
Wu, J. J.Feng Chia University137348
Ebert, Andreas W.AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center137454
Yang, Ming ChienNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology137668
Lu, Shyi MinIndustrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan137674
Liu, Shih JungChang Gung University137994
Cheng, Chao MinNational Tsing Hua University138091
Lin, Jaung GengChina Medical University138104
Ger, Ming DerNational Defense University Taiwan138149
Yu, Ming LungKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital138250
Chau, Chi FaiNational Chung Hsing University138522
Shelomi, MatanNational Taiwan University138870
Wu, Shu HsingAcademia Sinica, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology138971
Ou, Yu ChenCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University139247
Hseu, You ChengChina Medical University139264
Chien, Hung YuNational Chi Nan University139283
Wang, Shao ChunChina Medical University139304
Lee, Hsin ChenNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan139306
Lin, Chun ChingKaohsiung Medical University139364
Hsieh, Sun YuanNational Cheng Kung University139478
Fu, Lung MingNational Cheng Kung University139538
Chen, San NiChanghua Christian Hospital Taiwan139763
Su, Wei FangNational Taiwan University139974
Chao, K. S.CliffordChina Medical University Hospital140175
Lee, Chih HungChang Gung University College of Medicine140234
Lin, Yu HsiuNational Taipei University of Technology140349
Yen, YunTaipei Medical University140385
Tarn, Woan YuhAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences140618
Chao, Han ChiehNational Dong Hwa University140623
Tsai, Jia LunNational Chung Hsing University140907
Wu, Vin CentNational Taiwan University Hospital141156
Li, Chun TaTainan University of Technology141360
Zhu, ChaoyuanNational Chiao Tung University141590
Su, Shih ChiChang Gung Memorial Hospital141657
Chang, Chiao ChenTaipei Medical University141853
Senthil Raja, DuraisamyNational Tsing Hua University142087
Lin, Yang HsiangChang Gung Memorial Hospital142225
Wu, WeiNational Cheng Kung University142522
Hsu, Jyh PingNational Taiwan University142624
Lin, Ching HsuanNational Chung Hsing University143357
Hsu, Chien NingKaohsiung Medical University143400
Wu, Hsin HungNational Changhua University of Education143422
Horng, Ray HuaNational Chiao Tung University143462
Cheng, Mu JengNational Cheng Kung University143692
Chen, Liang RueiNational Changhua University of Education143717
Yang, Jai SingChina Medical University Hospital143780
Alwall, JohanNational Taiwan University143796
Lee, Yi ChiaNational Taiwan University Hospital144299
Wu, Jaw ChingNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan144532
Yeh, Chien HungFeng Chia University144986
Tai, Nyan HwaNational Tsing Hua University145087
Huang, Yung FuChaoyang University of Technology145212
Chu, Chia MingChang Gung University College of Medicine145557
Krishna Kumar, A. SanthanaNational Sun Yat-Sen University145609
Kuo, Ho ChangChang Gung University College of Medicine146242
Wang, Hsiu YuanChung Hua University146389
Lai, Ching MingNational Chung Hsing University146408
Horng, Jiun WeiChung Yuan Christian University146423
Yang, Jer RenNational Taiwan University146433
Wang, Yi HsuanTamkang University146518
Liou, EricChang Gung University146566
Jeng, Horng TayNational Tsing Hua University146888
Huang, Yi HsiangVeterans General Hospital-Taipei146889
Hwu, Wuh LiangNational Taiwan University Hospital146927
Jang, Syh JongAsia University146999
Wang, Hui Min DavidNational Chung Hsing University147118
Hwang, Min ShiangChina Medical University Hospital147305
Wu, Tsung fangNational University of Kaohsiung147431
Lee, S. C.Academia Sinica, Institute Of Physics147730
Govindasamy, ManiMing Chi University of Technology147819
Liu, Wei RenChung Yuan Christian University147863
Yen, Hong WeiTunghai University147970
Rwei, Syang PengNational Taipei University of Technology148213
Wu, Chih I.Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan148603
Lee, Jin ShyanNational Taipei University of Technology148612
Wu, Chung YiAcademia Sinica Taiwan148754
Chow, Chi WaiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University148773
Hwang, Bing FangChina Medical University149065
Wong, Wing KeungAsia University149165
Hung, Tai HoChang Gung Memorial Hospital149629
Tsai, C. S.Feng Chia University149653
Hwang, Tsong LongChang Gung University of Science and Technology149795
Tsao, Lung ChuanNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology150306
Wu, Mei HwanNational Taiwan University Hospital150328
Lin, Tsung WuTunghai University150423
Jiang, Jehn RueyNational Central University151199
Tsai, Keh ChuyanCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University151354
Chu, Shih I.National Taiwan University151419
Liou, Guey ShengNational Taiwan University151674
Liang, Jin TungNational Taiwan University Hospital151858
Yeh, Chi TaiTaipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital151945
Umetsu, KeiichiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics152466
Kao, Yu ChienTaipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital152966
Gwo, ShangjrNational Tsing Hua University153049
Chen, Yee ChunNational Taiwan University Hospital153442
Chern, Chorng ShyanNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology154128
Su, Pi GueyChinese Culture University Taiwan154207
Sheng, Wang HueiNational Taiwan University Hospital154509
Kuo, Hao ChungNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University154510
Kuo, Tseng tongChang Gung Memorial Hospital154527
Jou, Jwo HueiNational Tsing Hua University155181
Liang, Jyh ChongNational Taiwan Normal University155220
Chen, Huey LingNational Taiwan University College of Medicine155389
Fang, Te HuaNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology155671
Chiang, Lien ChaiSchool of Medicine156107
Su, Chun LienNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology156280
Cheng, Jao HongNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology156324
Chao, Cheng MinNational Taichung University of Science and Technology156894
Yang, Min HsiungNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology157019
Tseng, Kuang HungNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology157299
Wu, Ting TingNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology157568
Lin, Shan YangYuanpei University of Medical Technology157662
Ding, Dah ChingTzu Chi University158394
Chuang, Shu HuiAsian University158759
Chou, Tz ChongNational Defense Medical Center Taiwan158898
Chen, Dar RenChanghua Christian Hospital Taiwan159021
Chen, Kuan YuNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology159052
Li, Eldon Y.National Chung Cheng University159398
Ou, Keng Liang3D Global Biotech Inc.159450
Cheng, Chen YangNational Taipei University of Technology159517
Hong, H. Y.P.National Taiwan University of Science and Technology159694
Chen, San YuanNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University159774
Yeh, Chen ShengNational Cheng Kung University160325
Chuang, Li YehI-Shou University160466
Lin, Wei ChaoChang Gung Memorial Hospital160713
Lin, King ChuenNational Taiwan University160731
Cheng, WintonNational Pingtung University of Science and Technology160784
Hsu, Jin ChenNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology160981
Teng, Tun PingNational Taiwan Normal University161239
Chen, FalinInstitute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University161250
Chin, Tsung ShuneFeng Chia University161609
Tsai, Su YingI-Shou University161878
Yang, Rong SenNational Taiwan University161965
Wang, S. F.National Taipei University of Technology162184
Tung, Yeou KoungNational Chiao Tung University162630
Tseng, Yu CheeNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University162729
Hwu, Kuo IngNational Taipei University of Technology162792
Lee, Jyh WeiMing Chi University of Technology162860
Su, Wu ChouNational Cheng Kung University Hospital163077
Liao, Chun TaChang Gung University163977
Hou, Ming FengKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital164031
Juang, Jer NanNational Cheng Kung University164072
Chen, Miao FenChang Gung Memorial Hospital164096
Nester, James M.National Central University164441
Ko, Ying ChinChina Medical University Hospital164499
Yu, AliceChang Gung Memorial Hospital164828
Li, Yu ChuanTaipei Medical University165016
Lee, Chin FeiAcademia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics165378
Wu, Pei ChangChang Gung University College of Medicine165542
Chen, Jiunn WeiNational Taiwan University165562
Young, Tai HorngNational Taiwan University College of Medicine165798
Ho, Tin YunChina Medical University166020
Teng, Che MingNational Taiwan University College of Medicine166059
Cheng, Shou HsiungChienkuo Technology University Taiwan166641
Liao, Yunn ShiuanCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University166818
Hwang, Frank K.National Chiao Tung University166974
Nepali, KunalTaipei Medical University167005
Su, Ih JenSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology167513
Chen, Jiann FuhNational Cheng Kung University167746
Chang, Yu ChengFeng Chia University167869
Yeh, Jui MingChung Yuan Christian University167961
Sun, Hung MinNational Tsing Hua University168231
Wu, Hui FenNational Sun Yat-Sen University169047
Chuang, Chen LianNational Taiwan University169194
EL-Mahdy, Ahmed F.M.National Sun Yat-Sen University169691
Chein, Rei YuNational Chung Hsing University169989
Lowary, Todd L.Academia Sinica, Institute of Biological Chemistry170550
Chen, Chung YiFooyin University Taiwan170575
Chang, Yu ChaoChung Shan Medical University170836
Liu, Chang HuaNational Tsing Hua University170839
Yeh, An ChouNational Tsing Hua University171495
Wei, Chih ChiangNational Taiwan Ocean University172495
Hsiao, Yu HsiangNational Taipei University172969
Shie, Ming YouChina Medical University173369
Hsieh, Pi JungChia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science Taiwan173525
Lee, Ya ChingNational Sun Yat-Sen University174104
Chang, Kuo ChunCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University174367
Huang, Shyh JierNational Cheng Kung University175287
Lin, Yi LingAcademia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences175773
Chan, Wen HsiungChung Yuan Christian University176155
Huang, Tien ChiNational Taichung University of Science and Technology176444
Wang, Li ChunNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University176458
Yang, Shih ChinNational Taiwan University176621
Tsai, Che WeiNational Tsing Hua University176759
Wang, Wen JuneNational Central University176843
Tzen, Jason T.C.National Chung Hsing University176871
Hsieh, Ching LinNational Taiwan University College of Medicine176918
Su, Tung ChingNational Quemoy University177098
Lin, Shuei LiongNational Taiwan University Hospital177102
Liu, Yung ChingNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology177290
Chen, Ih ShengKaohsiung Medical University177370
Chiou, Shu TiCheng Hsin General Hospital177835
Chen, Rung ChingChaoyang University of Technology177997
Lin, Ying DarNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University178142
Trappey, Amy J.C.National Tsing Hua University178302
Hong, Shane Y.National Chiao Tung University178386
Shalumon, K. T.Chang Gung University178589
Chang, Ching ChihNational Cheng Kung University178627
Chen, Lung ChienNational Taipei University of Technology178675
Hsieh, Chiu FanNational Formosa University Taiwan179309
Yu, Hsin SuCollege of Medicine179442
Chen, TungyangNational Cheng Kung University179590
Chen, Yih SharngNational Taiwan University Hospital179612
Tsou, Ming ChengNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology179849
Hsu, Chain ShuNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University180092
Hou, Shuhn ShyurngKun Shan University180627
Su, Shun FengNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology180711
Kang, Li WeiNational Taiwan Normal University180797
Yeh, Jia YiChung Hwa College of Medical Technology Taiwan181167
Hsu, Yu KueiNational Dong Hwa University181219
Hwang, TzonelihNational Cheng Kung University181687
Tsay, Shiow LuanDa-Yeh University181787
Wu, Sheng HuaNational Museum of Natural Science Taiwan181791
Chen, Yen LiangNational Central University182110
Tsaur, Ruey ChynTamkang University182171
Lin, Whei MinNational Sun Yat-Sen University182339
Chang, Chia HsuinNational Taiwan University Hospital182474
Huang, Yao WeiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University182485
Chen, Bor SenNational Tsing Hua University182916
Chen, Chia ChunNational Taiwan Normal University183138
Lee, Wei JeiMin-Sheng General Hospital183242
Duh, Jenq GongNational Tsing Hua University183696
Chang, Shuchih ErnestNational Chung Hsing University183826
Chang, Ting ChangNational Sun Yat-Sen University183900
Sun, Chi KuangNational Taiwan University183962
Shen, Chuan ChouNational Taiwan University184189
Lee, Jyh FuNational Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Taiwan184219
Chiu, Hsiao YeanTaipei Medical University185375
Lien, Chang HuaNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology185430
Yang, Jinn MoonNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University185544
Ploog, K. H.National Sun Yat-Sen University185631
Ho, Rong MingNational Tsing Hua University185819
Lai, Chin FengNational Cheng Kung University185856
Chen, Ja ShenYuan Ze University186007
Chung, Chen KueiNational Cheng Kung University186194
Tsai, Kuang ChungNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology186320
Yang, Hsin LingChina Medical University186442
Wang, Yu Chiang FrankNational Taiwan University186808
Hsu, Cheng LiangNational University of Tainan Taiwan186809
Wang, Shu LiNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan186916
See, Lai ChuChang Gung University187372
Wei, Yu HongYuan Ze University187648
Yang, Jen MingChang Gung University188059
Lo, Chu FangNational Cheng Kung University188382
Ko, Li WeiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University188408
Yang, Ruey JenNational Cheng Kung University188908
Islam, Md MohaimenulTaipei Medical University189317
Lin, Yi BingNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University190141
Kuo, Cheng ChienNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology190530
Tarng, Der CherngNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan191404
Wu, Jih JenNational Cheng Kung University191534
Wang, Fu ChengNational Taiwan University191644
Hsieh, Ching LiangChina Medical University191713
Chang, Hsueh HsienJinwen University of Science and Technology192032
Ker, Ming DouNational Chiao Tung University192415
Chien, Jen TzungNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University192836
Karuppiah, ChelladuraiMing Chi University of Technology193004
Lin, Keh chungNational Taiwan University College of Medicine193084
Ko, Tse HaoFeng Chia University193097
Chen, Chao LongChang Gung Memorial Hospital193285
Lin, Jeng YuTunghai University193725
Su, Saou WenAdvanced EM & Wireless Communication R&D Center ASUS194002
Chen, Tzeng JiVeterans General Hospital-Taipei194070
Chen, Show AnNational Tsing Hua University194089
Au, Jessie L.S.Taipei Medical University194140
Liu, Hao TienI-Shou University194321
Chen, Chie PeinMackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan194478
Lai, Chyong HueyChang Gung Memorial Hospital194638
Liu, Yi HwaNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology195513
Chiang, Chun PinNational Taiwan University195585
Chan, Yang HsiangNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University196214
Wei, Kung HwaNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University196784
Huang, Chih FengNational Chung Hsing University196938
Chang, Edward Y.National Taiwan University197203
Tsai, H. C.National Taiwan University of Science and Technology197215
Ng, I. SonNational Cheng Kung University197469
Tang, Chao WeiCheng Shiu University Taiwan197612
Lee, Woei ShyanNational Cheng Kung University197963
Pao, Yih HsingInstitute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University198042
Shyu, Shyong JianMing Chuan University198189
Lou, Bih ShowChang Gung University198214
Jeng, Jiiang HueiKaohsiung Medical University198746
Chang, YungchungNational Taipei University of Technology199001
Tsai, Huan LiangDa-Yeh University199080
Bu, Ian Yi YuNational University of Tainan Taiwan199120
Wu, Wei ChiChang Gung University College of Medicine199124
Chen, Yun NungNational Taiwan University199420
Li, Hsueh YuChang Gung Memorial Hospital200192
Sim, C. Y.Feng Chia University200535
Chou, Hsi TsengNational Taiwan University200833
Hsu, Wen LianAsia University200868
Chang, HoNational Taipei University of Technology200889
Kuo, Dong HauNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology201368
Shih, Yeng FongChaoyang University of Technology201686
Kang, Shin MinChina Medical University202422
Chen, Hua PinMing Chi University of Technology202697
Lin, Chih MinYuan Ze University202706
Liu, C. W.National Dong Hwa University202711
Wang, Jung DerNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine202800
Hu, Hsuan TehNational Cheng Kung University203038
Wang, Sheng YangNational Chung Hsing University203499
Tung, Yi ChungAcademia Sinica, Research Center for Applied Sciences204125
Chen, Hwann TzongNational Tsing Hua University204654
Cheng, Ching YangSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology204845
Lin, Yuan PinNational Sun Yat-Sen University204872
Yau, Her TerngNational Chung Cheng University205734
Chang-Jian, Cai WanI-Shou University206033
Lin, Ching YaoNational Chi Nan University206444
Ng, Lean TeikNational Taiwan University206893
Liu, Ting YuMing Chi University of Technology207313
Chua, Chun KhiangChung Yuan Christian University207589
Lay, Chyi HowFeng Chia University207984
Kuo, Chin ChiChina Medical University Hospital208439
Ding, Shinn JyhChung Shan Medical University209214
Mousavi, Seyyed MojtabaNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology209480
Tsai, Yi ChouNational Tsing Hua University209888
Wen, Ten ChinNational Cheng Kung University210055
Huang, Yu FenNational Tsing Hua University210348
Meng, Hsin FeiNational Chiao Tung University210366
Chang, Wen HanMackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan210992
Li, WenlungNational Taipei University of Technology211146
Chu, Jinn P.National Taiwan University of Science and Technology211151
Lin, Ling YiNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine211557
Hsueh, Yu MeiTaipei Municipal Wan-Fang Hospital211700
Wang, JuiteNational Chung Hsing University211762
Yang, Wen ChinNational Chung Hsing University212349
Unnikrishnan, BineshNational Taiwan Ocean University212511
Chang, Wei DerShu-Te University212650
Lo, Lun JouChang Gung University212745
Li, Yung MingNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University213258
Wang, Mao Jiun J.Tunghai University213580
Yang, Hung WeiNational Sun Yat-Sen University213678
Cheng, Nai ChenNational Taiwan University Hospital214231
Chen, Yi JuVeterans General Hospital-Taichung Taiwan214910
Tsai, Shaw JenqNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine215082
Huang, Kuo TsangNational Taiwan University215403
Chen, Shih JenVeterans General Hospital-Taipei215662
Huang, Chung FengKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital215767
Hsu, Wei YenNational Chung Cheng University215911
Mersmann, Harry JohnNational Taiwan University216177
Kawai, HikaruNational Taiwan University216205
Srinivasan, RamasamyAVRDC - The World Vegetable Center217513
Chiu, F. C.Chang Gung University217536
Hsueh, Ting JenNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology218479
Pan, Tung MingChang Gung University218852
Lu, Tsung HsuehNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine219440
Lee, Tsung LinChina University of Science and Technology220675
Chen, Ming SyanNational Taiwan University220901
Lee, Chyi LongChang Gung Memorial Hospital220916
Wang, Ching WeiNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology221029
Su, Bai HorngSchool of Medicine221237
Young, Yi HoNational Taiwan University Hospital221245
You, Peng ShengNational Chiayi University221364
Shih, Hsu ShihTamkang University222096
Lan, Chung WenNational Taiwan University222249
Tuan, Wei HsingNational Taiwan University222842
Lee, Li WeiDe Lin Institute of Technology222935
Chen, Jih JungChina Medical University Hospital223094
Huang, Hsin HaouNational Taiwan University223118
Chang, Yia ChungAcademia Sinica, Research Center for Applied Sciences223129
Ferng, Y. M.National Tsing Hua University223173
Chiu, Chian SongChung Yuan Christian University223602
Chen, Homer H.National Taiwan University223669
Chen, Chih HwaTaipei Medical University223788
Chiu, Wei YuNational Tsing Hua University223922
Deng, Der JiunnNational Changhua University of Education223964
Chang, Wen HaoNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University224483
Wu, Shu PaoNational Chiao Tung University224880
Yu, Liang ChihYuan Ze University224963
Lo, Yu LiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University225308
Li, Tsai ChungCollege of Medical and Health Science225474
Yen, Hung WeiNational Taiwan University225653
Lin, Bor RenNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology225777
Lin, Lu YinNational Taipei University of Technology226512
Huang, Cheng HungNational Cheng Kung University226928
Tan, Cher MingChang Gung University227057
Lai, Chien YuNational University of Kaohsiung227410
Chen, Kuei HsienAcademia Sinica, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences227941
Hsiao, Chun HuaKainan University Taiwan228540
Yang, Yue TzuNational Cheng Kung University229729
Wang, Jhi JoungChi Mei Medical Center231669
Pan, Cheng TangNational Sun Yat-Sen University232074
Chen, Jyh YihAcademia Sinica, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology232701
Lin, Cheng JianNational Chin-Yi University of Technology233072
Liang, Ruey HsunNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology233292
Lin, J.National Cheng Kung University233426
Su, Chao TonNational Tsing Hua University233765
Hwang, Shyh JiannCollege of Engineering, National Taiwan University234065
Lien, Shao YuNational Chung Cheng University234872
Li, Chia ChenNational Tsing Hua University235390
Leou, Rong CengCheng Shiu University Taiwan235583
Tsay, Chien YieFeng Chia University235915
Chuang, David Chwei ChinChang Gung University236569
Tan, Paul Juinn BingNational Penghu University236706
Chen, LinjerNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology236726
Tsai, Yun FangChang Gung University College of Medicine237496
Da Costa, Daniel BenevidesNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology237504
Wu, Chih PingNational Cheng Kung University237646
Shih, Han ChangChinese Culture University Taiwan238134
Chu, Ta ChungSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology238573
Chang, Cheng ShangNational Tsing Hua University239109
Tsui, Po HsiangChang Gung Memorial Hospital239313
Zaidan, B. B.National Yunlin University of Science and Technology239812
Chou, Jung ChuanNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology240064
Lee, Duu HwaNational Taiwan Ocean University240258
Lin, Jen DerChang Gung Memorial Hospital240285
Ho, Ja an AnnieNational Taiwan University240404
Jiang, Joe AirNational Taiwan University240565
Sahoo, Prasan KumarChang Gung University240838
Wu, Tsung TsongInstitute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University241114
Wang, Jeen ShingNational Cheng Kung University241605
Hsieh, Wu ShiunCathay General Hospital Taiwan241944
Lee, Po HuangNational Taiwan University Hospital242390
Tseng, Wenjea J.National Chung Hsing University242401
Lee, Hsuan ShihNational Taiwan Ocean University242584
Chang, Ming LingChang Gung Memorial Hospital242988
Chang, Shu FangNational Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences243289
Chang, Shuenn YihNational Taipei University of Technology243861
Lin, Hung YunTaipei Medical University243904
Chen, Chi FengTunghai University244098
Lin, Lie ChwenNational Research Institute of Chinese Medicine Taiwan244549
Ting, Jyh MingNational Cheng Kung University245119
Chan, Tsung HanMediaTek Inc245194
Wu, Chang MouNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology245779
Yang, Tsung LinNational Taiwan University College of Medicine245902
Chang, Shyy WoeiNational Cheng Kung University246437
Chiu, Nan ChangMackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan246612
Wu, Kuo LungKun Shan University246699
Lu, Kuang LiehAcademia Sinica, Institute of Chemistry247152
Liu, I. MinTajen Technological University247545
Lee, Wen ShingNational Taipei University of Technology247603
Lin, Rong HoNational Taipei University of Technology247969
Jiang, Rong SanVeterans General Hospital-Taichung Taiwan248041
Kuo, Ping HuanNational Chung Cheng University248142
Her, Shiuh ChuanYuan Ze University248417
Kim, Katherine A.National Taiwan University248576
Ting, Chuan KangNational Tsing Hua University248852
Som, SudiptaNational Taiwan University249412
Chen, Kuan TaAcademia Sinica, Institute of Information Science249492
Liou, Jing PingTaipei Medical University249865
Lee, Jui YuanNational Taipei University of Technology250613
Iqbal, UsmanTaipei Medical University250621
Tseng, Wei LungNational Sun Yat-Sen University251065
Kuo, Chun KuR.O.C. Air Force Academy251326
Hsu, Yu LiangNational Sun Yat-Sen University251392
Chen, Yang FangNational Taiwan University251917
Lee, Chen NongTaipei City University of Science and Technology252249
Liu, Yu ChuanTaipei Municipal Wan-Fang Hospital252303
Lee, JriNational Taiwan University253083
Hwang, Chih LyangNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology254653
Toh, Chai K.National Tsing Hua University255767
Li, Pai ChiNational Taiwan University256315
Chang, ShyangNational Tsing Hua University256342
Wu, Chien JangNational Taiwan Normal University257043
Huang, Hsu ChihNational Ilan University257176
Chin, Wen LongNational Cheng Kung University257988
Li, Der ChiangNational Cheng Kung University258080
Wang, Woei RenIndustrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan258111
Hsiao, Chiu YuehChang Gung University259234
Lin, Chia HungNational Chin-Yi University of Technology259399
Cheng, AnNational Ilan University259645
Tsai, Jeng HanNational Taiwan Normal University259694
Hung, Chi FengSchool of Medicine260088
Sheu, Ming ThauTaipei Medical University260130
Yang, Chih ChienNational Taichung University of Education260488
Tsay, Ming YuehNCCU Graduate Institute of Library260641
Chen, Yen HuaNational Cheng Kung University260938
Chen, Kow TongNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine262037
Tu, Wen HuaNational Central University262214
Kuo, Chil ChyuanMing Chi University of Technology262567
Yih, Kuo AnnAir Force Institute of Technology, Taiwan262981
Pai, Hsiang ChuChung Shan Medical University263143
Hsu, Chun FeiTamkang University263380
Tseng, Fan HsunNational Cheng Kung University263991
Hwu, ChyanbinNational Cheng Kung University264247
Lee, Ching KuoTaipei Medical University264363
Chen, Yu ChihVeterans General Hospital-Taipei264697
Kuo, Yur RenKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital264963
Fang, Shih HauYuan Ze University265117
Chang, Yin YuNational Formosa University Taiwan265219
Chu, Chia ChiNational Tsing Hua University265355
Lin, Ching TorngDa-Yeh University265779
Chang, Yeun ChungNational Taiwan University College of Medicine266023
Perng, Tsong PyngNational Tsing Hua University266514
Cheng, Sen SungNational Taiwan University267459
Chen, Li FeiFu Jen Catholic University267728
Yang, Heng LiNational Chengchi University267784
Chang, Ruey FengNational Taiwan University267974
Hua, Chih ChiangNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology268221
Chang, Shih HsienNational Taipei University of Technology268239
Chang, Chuan YuNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology268284
Chang, Ming CheNational Taiwan Normal University268602
Lee, Chi ChengTamkang University268685
Sun, Chuen TsaiNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University269695
Hsiang, Hsing I.National Cheng Kung University269705
Lin, Wen ShanNational Cheng Kung University270153
Wu, WeiteNational Chung Hsing University270502
Lee, Yi ChihChing Hsin University270514
Trappey, Charles V.National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University270618
Hwang, Shinn JangVeterans General Hospital-Taipei270796
Tsong, T. T.Academia Sinica, Institute Of Physics271883
Jang, J. S.C.National Central University271915
Wang, Chien YaoAcademia Sinica, Institute of Information Science272242
Tzeng, Wen GueyNational Chiao Tung University272295
Kuo, Ping ChungNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine272342
Ren, ZhongmingShanghai University272361
Chao, Chia TerNational Taiwan University Hospital272423
Chen, Horng DeanNational Kaohsiung Normal University272747
Chou, Shuo YanNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology272987
Cheng, Po TaiNational Tsing Hua University273112
Shyu, Yea Ing L.Chang Gung University273277
Fan, Ching HsiangNational Cheng Kung University273722
Chan, Ding ChengNational Taiwan University Hospital273979
Gupta, ShivamNational Tsing Hua University274350
Chien, Ying RenNational Ilan University275269
Chen, Kuen SuanNational Chin-Yi University of Technology275370
Hung, Chung ChanNational Cheng Kung University275544
Wang, Ching ChiungTaipei Medical University276253
Liu, Shen IuanNational Taiwan University276488
Weng, Jing RuNational Sun Yat-Sen University276538
Li, Kuan ChingProvidence University Taiwan276550
Yeh, Chih KuangNational Tsing Hua University276928
Lo, Huai WeiChaoyang University of Technology277068
Hsu, Li LingChing Kuo Institute of Management & Health277246
Chien, L. Y.National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University277274
Lin, Fan YiNational Tsing Hua University278447
Wang, Chih YuanNational Taiwan University Hospital278957
Wu, Chung PuChang Gung University College of Medicine279330
Tzeng, Yew MinNational Taitung University Taiwan279589
Liu, Bing HongNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology280485
Wang, HueiNational Taiwan University280501
Pan, Ching TsaiNational Tsing Hua University281340
Chen, Chung HeyHungkuang University281669
Lee, Jin ChingKaohsiung Medical University281926
Kuo, Chung Feng JeffreyNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology283654
Chen, Yie ToneNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology283708
Kuo, Chin LungNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan283735
Fuh, Yiin KuenNational Central University284201
Shu, Y. C.Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University284941
Yeh, Mei LingNational Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences285497
Huang, Her YuehNational Formosa University Taiwan286118
Ko, Sheung FatChang Gung University College of Medicine286147
Lin, Mau RoungTaipei Medical University287877
Lee, Da shengNational Taipei University of Technology288991
Huang, Jin H.Feng Chia University289547
Chen, ChihNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University289924
Chan, Tin YamNational Taiwan Ocean University290036
Wu, Shu Fang VivienneNational Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences291593
Liang, Yuan ChangNational Taiwan Ocean University292303
Chen, Chih JungNational Taiwan Ocean University292468
Yeh, Chun LiangFeng Chia University293264
Hsieh, Min FuNational Cheng Kung University293268
Cheng, Hao YuanCenter for Disease Control Taiwan293819
Hsieh, Vivian Chia RongChina Medical University293974
Woo, Eamor M.National Cheng Kung University293997
Tsai, Hsing ChihNational University of Kaohsiung294190
Chiang, Te KuangNational University of Kaohsiung295053
Ng, Shu HangChang Gung University College of Medicine295440
Lai, Hong ShieeBuddhist Tzu-Chi General Hospital Taiwan295574
Chen, Yu WenChina Medical University296764
Chuang, Sung KiangUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine297191
Huang, Haw MingTaipei Medical University297733
Chang, Yu WeiNational Taiwan University298372
Hsieh, Min HsiuHon Hai Quantum Computing Research Center298379
Tseng, Kuo ChingNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology298692
Jeng, Mei JyNational Yang-Ming University Taiwan301004
Yen, Hung RongChina Medical University Hospital301034
Cherng, Jong YuhNational Chung Cheng University301268
Liaw, Chang MingNational Tsing Hua University301286
Han, Der ShengNational Taiwan University Hospital302612
Denadai, RafaelChang Gung University303386
Chiou, Wen FeiNational Research Institute of Chinese Medicine Taiwan306936
Tang, Kea TiongNational Tsing Hua University307529
Chiang, Feng YuI-Shou University308311
Chiu, Huang JenNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology308716
Lin, Chun NanKaohsiung Medical University309836
Hsiang, Chien YunChina Medical University309991
Sun, Yung ShinFu Jen Catholic University317596
Lin, Cheng LiChina Medical University Hospital317703
Lin, Yun LianNational Taiwan University317986
Chi, Chong YungNational Tsing Hua University319894
Lee, Tzong HueiNational Taiwan University322384
Chang, Li PinNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University322722
Wang, You ChiunNational Sun Yat-Sen University322824
Yi, Chin ChunAcademia Sinica, Institute of Sociology324166
Lin, Kuan ChiaNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University324637
Wen, Zhi HongNational Sun Yat-Sen University326113
Payne, Stephen J.Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University328113
Shen, Ya ChingNational Taiwan University College of Medicine329134
Lin, Chia ChenNational Chin-Yi University of Technology330555
Lee, Wei HwaTaipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital332289
Yang, Shih ChunSoochow University, Taipei332977
Chan, K. ArnoldNational Taiwan University334259
Chang, Jung ChenNational Taiwan University Hospital335092
Wang, Jing JyNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine335471
Lin, Meng ChihChang Gung University College of Medicine335653
Huang, Sheng TengChina Medical University339246
Chen, Shyr ChyrNational Taiwan University Hospital339409
Yang, Chen ChangVeterans General Hospital-Taipei339915
Chien, Wu ChienNational Defense Medical Center Taiwan340958
Li, YimingNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University341498
Shen, Chien ChangNational Research Institute of Chinese Medicine Taiwan342204
Liou, Shwu RuChang Gung Memorial Hospital343188
Chu, Cheng ShaneMing Chi University of Technology344248
Lo, Yu LungNational Cheng Kung University347320
Wu, Chien MingNational Tsing Hua University347712
Ariyawansa, Hiran A.National Taiwan University349072
Chen, Min HueyNational Taiwan University College of Medicine349667
Huang, NicoleNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University351773
Yang, Yi PingVeterans General Hospital-Taipei353697
Tsai, Ying HuangChang Gung Memorial Hospital353926
Niu, Dau MingVeterans General Hospital-Taipei354032
Lin, Hsiang YuMackay Memorial Hospital Taiwan354290
Hsieh, Yao ChingNational Sun Yat-Sen University355829
Peng, Wen HuangChina Medical University357104
Chang, Li ChunChang Gung University of Science and Technology357463
Chen, Kuan NengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University358505
Peng, Li NingVeterans General Hospital-Taipei359906
Lu, Tien ChangNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University361559
Lee, Shuenn YuhNational Cheng Kung University361739
Hsieh, Fu ShiungChaoyang University of Technology362442
Lee, Chia HanNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University364955
Chen, Chiao EnNational Chung Hsing University365304
Hsieh, Chia LungAcademia Sinica, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences366790
Tseng, Ming LunNational Chiao Tung University366986
Lu, Kuo ChengSchool of Medicine368145
Lau, Gih KeongNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University371878
Chen, Chao YuNational Cheng Kung University376975
Moreau, Paul AntoineNational Cheng Kung University382019
Liu, Jung PingFeng Chia University384885
Chu, Nain FengTriservice General Hospital Taiwan385162
Yen, Yung FengTaipei City Hospital Taiwan386598
Chu, DachenTaipei City Hospital Taiwan391491
Chou, Yu ChingNational Defense Medical Center Taiwan392716
Wang, Chien MingNational Ilan University393460
Chiu, Nan FuNational Taiwan Normal University396169
Chen, Shih MingNational Cheng Kung University400078
Lee, Ing KitChang Gung Memorial Hospital402478
Wang, Tzyy JiannNational Taipei University of Technology410422
Lee, Chih KungNational Taiwan University412675
Liu, Cheng YangNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University413520
Hsu, Yu JueiTriservice General Hospital Taiwan414000
Lee, Meng ChihNational Health Research Institutes Taiwan414118
Tseng, Shuo YenNational Cheng Kung University414781
Lin, Ching FuhNational Taiwan University414840
Lee, Tzung LinNational Sun Yat-Sen University415490
Pan, Kuo LongNational Taiwan University415636
Hung, Dong ZongChina Medical University Hospital417100
Wu, Shuen DeNational Taiwan Normal University425596
Lin, Shih YiChina Medical University College of Medicine425613
Guo, Fei RanNational Taiwan University College of Medicine427498
Shi, Jin WeiNational Central University427903
Liao, Kuan FuTzu Chi University435314
Wu, Yun ChunNational Taiwan University436442
Liu, Chiu ShongChina Medical University Hospital440598
Liu, Fu ChaoChang Gung Memorial Hospital442032
Chen, Jiann JongNational Taipei University of Technology443671
Cha, Tai LungTriservice General Hospital Taiwan445223
Kuo, Yen KuangNational Changhua University of Education445711
Chen, Chang HuaNational Chung Hsing University446973
Tai, Tong YuanNational Taiwan University Hospital453167
Chi, Yu ChiehNational Taiwan University453470
Chen, Kuan FuChang Gung Memorial Hospital455637
Wu, Che WeiKaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital458782
Shih, Hsi TeNational Chung Hsing University462652
Tiao, Mao MengChang Gung University College of Medicine463944
Yao, GraceNational Taiwan University475319
Chang, Sheng HsiungChung Yuan Christian University478671
Wang, Yi PingNational Taiwan University478738
Sun, AndyNational Taiwan University480647
Huang, Yi ShinVeterans General Hospital-Taipei490093
Liu, Kao LangNational Taiwan University Hospital494088
Kung, Chia TeChang Gung University College of Medicine494921
Tsai, Cheng TingNational Taiwan University519428
Chang, Geng RueiNational Chiayi University530049
Lee, Ming BeenShin-Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital Taiwan535321
Wu, Sheng NanNational Cheng Kung University College of Medicine539157
Ho, Tsung YiNational Tsing Hua University551387
Chang, Guo EnNational Chung Cheng University563256
Tseng, Shih FengNational Taipei University of Technology622013
Yu-Fong Chang, JuliaNational Taiwan University670280
Huang, Chun YingNational Chi Nan University740952
Jang, Sheng LyangNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology793035
Hsiao, Yu ChengTaipei Medical University807807
Chung, K. M.National Cheng Kung University823434
Lai, Wen ChengNational Yunlin University of Science and Technology1425313
Huang, Jhin FangInstitute of Satellite and CATV Technology2898329
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