List of 2020 Web of Science (WoS) Highly Cited Researchers in Computer Science

By:  X. Chang

This list of 2020 Highly Cited Researchers in Computer Science from Clarivate identifies scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers, during the last decade in the Field of computer science.

S.NoNameGoogle Scholar Link
1Rajendra U Acharya
2Ian F Akyildiz
3Mohamed-Slim Alouini
4Jeffrey Andrews
5Mehdi Bennis
6Stéphane P.A. Bordas
7Rajkumar Buyya
8Francisco Javier Cabrerizo
9Giuseppe Caire
10Jinde Cao
11C. L. Philip Chen
12Min Chen
13Xiaofeng Chen
14Yunfei Chen
15Francisco Chiclana
16Linglong Dai
17Merouane Debbah
18Zhiguo Ding
19Yucheng Dong
20Maged Elkashlan
21Giancarlo Fortino
22Hamido Fujita
23Huijun Gao
24Salvador García
25Xiaohua Ge
26Guizani M Mohsen
27Song Guo
28Harald Haas
29Yuki Hagiwara
30Qing-Long Han
31Zhu Han
32Lajos Hanzo
33Robert Heath
34Debiao He
35Francisco Herrera
37Wei He
38Ekram Hossain
39Guang-Bin Huang
40Kaibin Huang
41Tingwen Huang
42Thomas JR Hughes
43Shi Jin
44Yaochu Jin
45Dervis Karaboga
46George K. Karagiannidis
47Nei Kato
48Ioannis Krikidis
49Neeraj Kumar
50Victor C. M. Leung
51Geoffrey Ye Li
52Jin Li
53Ying-Chang Liang
54Huchang Liao
55Hongyi Li
56Chong LIN
57Derong Liu
58Peide Liu
59xiaohui liu
60Yan-Jun Liu
61Lou, Wenjing
62Marzetta, Thomas
63Yurong Liu
64Xiong Li
65Xuelong Li
66Yongming Li
67Jianfeng Ma
68Luis Martinez
69Jose M. Merigo
70Seyedali Mirjalili
71Andreas F Molisch
72Derrick Wing Kwan Ng
73Hung Nguyen-Xuan
74Zhaolong Ning
75Dusit Niyato
76Ju H. Park
77Mugen Peng
78H. Vincent Poor
79Professor Biswajeet Pradhan
80Tony Q. S. Quek
81Timon Rabczuk
82Mubashir Husain Rehmani
83Kui Ren
84Rosa M. Rodriguez
85Walid Saad
86Robert Schober
87Michael A Scott
88Ling Shao
89Jian Shen
90Xuemin Shen
91Peng Shi
92Ponnuthurai N Suganthan
93Hongye Su
94Xingming Sun
95Tarik Taleb
96Jen Hong Tan
97Dacheng Tao
98shaocheng Tong
99Athanasios V. Vasilakos
100Cheng-Xiang Wang
101Huanqing Wang
102jin wang
103Zhaocheng Wang
104Zidong Wang
105Jiafu Wan
106Zheng-Guang Wu
107Meimei Xia
108Zeshui Xu
109Laurence T. Yang
110Xin-She Yang
111Yi Yang
112F. Richard Yu
113Sherali Zeadally
114Yong Zeng
115Zhigang Zeng
116Haijun Zhang
117Zhang, Hong-yu
118Qingfu Zhang
119Rui Zhang
120Xian-Ming Zhang
121Yan Zhang
122Zhan Jianming
123Nan Zhao
124Quan Zou

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