Top 10 Textbooks on Knowledge Graphs

By: Anish Khan

Machine learning continues to draw researchers to a new learning paradigm with each passing year. Machine learning has progressed dramatically in recent years. Google invented the phrase “Knowledge Graph” in 2012 as a new technical term. Knowledge graphs can be defined as a graphical representation of data points from different data sets to show the correlation between them [1]. For example, the accuracy rate of machine learning methods improves with each passing day because of this knowledge graph’s importance in the area. [2] Knowledge Graphs and their real-time applications with the integration of Machine Learning [3-4] and Artificial Intelligence will be the focus of recent research development.

Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing
Authors: Valentina Janev et al.

Knowledge Graphs

Practical Graph Mining with R
Authors: Arpan Chakraborty

Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning
Authors: Amarnag Subramanya et al.

Graph Algorithms and Applications 3
Authors: Giuseppe Liotta et al.

New Frontiers in Graph Theory
Authors: Yagang Zhang

Pearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
Authors: Nora Hartsfield, Gerhard Ringel


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