Top 15 Popular Books for Research in 3D Printing Technology

By: A. Khan, F. Colace

There has been a recent shift in the meaning of the term “3D printing,” which was formerly used to describe a technique created by MIT scientists in 1993 and licensed to a number of companies. The term refers to a number of distinct techniques. Every single one of them uses CAD, or computer-aided design. Engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) software to build three-dimensional models of the final product [1].

Latest Use of 3D printing technology

  • For the first time, doctors in China used a 3D-printed heart model to perform an open heart surgery on a baby with a critical cardiac condition, saving the child’s life [2].
  • They are developing biomedical equipment that is more durable and lighter than current models, while yet providing an excellent fit [2].
  • 3D printing optical glasses will allow for the cost-effective production of structurally difficult components for a wide range of applications [3].
  • A three-year-old girl in China has become the first child in the world to have her skull reconstructed using 3D printing technology after a landmark 17-hour procedure [2].
  • Higher education institutions are trying to keep up with the rapid advancements in additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies in order to better serve the needs of students and researchers. Professors will be able to produce things for pedagogical materials using 3D printers, while PhD students will be able to use the printers for research. Colleges will be able to use 3-D printers for a wide range of applications [4].
  • A building business in TEXAS, USA has already created a number of houses using 3D printing technology and has placed these homes on the market; the company is also planning a massive project to build houses using 3D printing technology. This corporation is now collaborating with NASA to build a lunar base, roads, and habitats. There are plans for a lunar RV, a liveable mobility platform, and a lunar surface dwelling to be put in place before the end of this decade [4-6].

Popular books in 3D Printing

3D printing is an important technology of this digital era, like any other technology [7-10]. Some important books on 3D printing as follows:

3D Printing For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                   

By: Richard Horne, Kalani Kirk Hausman

3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers

By: Stephen Hoskins

3D Printing

By: John M. Jordan

3D Printing with MatterControl

By: Joan Horvath, Rich Cameron

3D Printing in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

By: Lobat Tayebi, Reza Masaeli, Kavosh Zandsalimi

Multimaterial 3D Printing Technology

By: Jiquan Yang, Li Na, Jianping Shi,

Wenlai Tang, Gang Zhang, Feng Zhang

3D Structure from Images — SMILE 2000

By: Marc Pollefeys, Luc Van Gool, Andrew Zisserman,

Andrew Fitzgibbon


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