1.2 Million Accounts of GoDaddy got Hacked

According to the company, on September 6th, an unnamed hacker gained access to the accounts of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers. However, GoDaddy’s security team was able to notice the data compromise on November 17th.

As a result of this data breach, the customers’ email addresses and customer numbers are exposed, along with the original admin passwords of the users who were generated at the time of WordPress’s first installation. Additionally, some clients’ SSL private keys have been compromised.

Going forward, GoDaddy has said that they will issue new SSL certificates to users and change their passwords as a preventative precaution against assault.

Earlier GoDaddy data breaches

  • In the early to 2020, hackers were able to change the domain names of five users by using the phishing attack.
  • In November 2020, hackers got control of the cryptocurrencies website like Niche Hash and got the user’s information.
  • In 2019 hackers stole the information of 15,000 subdomains and created a phishing web website to steal users’ personal information.

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