15 Most Popular Books on Quantum Computing in 2022

By: A. Khan

Quantum computing is an interdisciplinary area that bridges the divide between quantum physics, computer science, and information theory [1]. Unlike classical computing, which stores data in bits, quantum computing stores data in quantum bits. Two fundamental concepts behind quantum computing are superposition and quantum entanglement [2]. Due to superposition, qubits may represent many different combinations of zeros and ones simultaneously. In other words, any valid quantum state may be created by the superposition of two or more quantum states. On the other hand, entanglement allows two members of a pair of qubits to share a single quantum state, a phenomenon known as loss of independence [3].

  1. Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists
    By: Noson S. Yanofsky, Mirco A. Mannucci
    Cambridge University Press
  1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
    By: Nielsen, Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang
    Cambridge University Press
  1. Quantum Computer Science
    By: N. David Mermin
    Cambridge University Press
  1. Quantum Computing
    By: Eleanor G. Rieffel, Wolfgang H. Polak
    MIT Press
  1. Quantum Machine Learning
    By: Peter Wittek
    Elsevier Publications
  1. Quantum Computing
    By: National Academies of Sciences,
    Engineering and Medicine,
    Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,
    Intelligence Community Studies Board,
    Computer Science and Telecommunications Board,
    Committee on Technical Assessment of the Feasibility and
    Implications of Quantum Computing
    National Academies Press
  1. Experimental Aspects of Quantum Computing
    By: Henry O. Everitt
    Springer Link
  1. Explorations in Quantum Computing
    By: Colin P. Williams
    Springer Link
  1. Mathematics of Quantum Computing
    By: Wolfgang Scherer
    Springer Link
  1. Quantum Computing Without Magic
    By: Zdzislaw Meglicki
    MIT Press
  1. Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Error Correction
    By: Ivan Djordjevic
    Elsevier Publications
  1. Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
    By: Mikio Nakahara
    World Scientific Publishers
  1. Quantum Information Theory
    By: Mark M. Wilde
    Cambridge University Press
  1. Quantum Radar
    By: Marco Lanzagorta
    Morgan & Claypool Publishers
  1. Nano, Quantum and Molecular Computing
    By: R. Iris Bahar, Sandeep Kumar Shukla
    Springer Link


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