Application of Industrial Robots: A cyber-physical system

By: Arya Brijith, International Center for AI and Cyber Security Research and Innovations (CCRI), Asia University, Taiwan,sia University, Taiwan,


This article is based on the applications of industrial robots


Industrial robots are a popular cyber-physical system as it directs physical infrastructure and things to the Internet by integrating sensing, computing, control, and networking. There is a wide application of such robots ranging from personal assistance to space research. Here, we are going to discuss about few such applications.

Application of industrial robots

  • Industrial-The primary purpose of industrial robots is to reduce labour force.[3] Artificial intelligence has enabled robots to do tasks more quickly, safely, and efficiently.[4] These robots generally are often articulated arms that have been specially designed for use in welding, material handling, painting, and other related fields. Various sensors and motion detectors are embedded into self-driving cars as well.
  • Military & Defence systems- Military robots are now the most recent weaponry employed in most military operations, particularly with the growing usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for airstrikes and target detection.[5] It can be used for eliminating targets, provide logistic support, escorting, provide aids and supplies and a lot more. Military usage of robots includes tasks such as bomb disposal, transportation, and reconnaissance.
  • Medical Domain- Robots can perform a wide variety of tasks in the field of medical science, from being an assistant to the doctor to performing small surgeries.
  • Personal Assistance- Robot can be used at home for assistance. It can have embedded vacuum cleaners, voice sensors etc, to aid people. Also, with characteristics like facial recognition and emotion detection, socially helpful robots can provide emotional support and companionship, easing feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially for people with limited social connections.
  • Space research- Robots are now considered to be essential instruments for space research, greatly advancing our knowledge of celestial bodies beyond Earth. NASA’s Mars rover mission is a classic example. Curiosity and Perseverance are just two of the rovers that have independently explored the Martian surface while carrying out in-depth geological studies and even looking for evidence of prehistoric microbial life in the planet’s old lakebeds. 
  • Entertainment- In the era of video games, robots and animatronics are essential to producing lifelike special effects. They can be employed to imitate animals, monsters, or extraterrestrial entities. They are also embedded into films to enhance graphics.


As are many applications of robots, people often tend to think that they will replace us. It is important to note that robots were developed to make our lives easier. It is developed to manage tasks more effectively and perform activities that are hard or dangerous for humans to perform.


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