Top 50 Cyber Security Tools for IT and Business Professionals in 2022

By: A. Khan, D. Peraković

In this technological era, cyber security tools and technologies play a vital role in everyone’s life and have become a major concern these days [1]. At present, every organization is promoting remote work because it is much convenient for employees and staff members to work in a flexible manner [2]. The more usage of the internet has increased the risk of cyber-attacks [3, 4]. Therefore, every company needs cyber security specialists that are fluent in cyber security tools and technologies [5, 6] because of the rise of remote working. Without strong cyber security tools organizations can no longer avoid cyber risks [7, 8].

Recently a report is published by “Global Cyber Security Index” in 2021, India has jumped from 37th place in 2020 to 10th place in 2021. India is now more immune to cyber-attacks like Malware attacks, identity theft, XSS attacks, unauthorized data access, ransomware, etc. but hackers are always finding loopholes to break security.

Advantage of Cyber security Tools

To halt the unauthorized access to our sensitive and private information, we make use of cyber security tools that are an integral part of Network Security and provide us immunity from vulnerable content and being hacked. This article will provide information on 50 cyber security tools that are useful in providing security from threats and offering both open sources/commercial services.

Cyber security Tools List

  1. Wireshark: It is an open source software that provides real-time protection. It operates on Linux operating system. Currently, version 3.4.9 is launched and downloading link is provided in references.
  2. Kali Linux: It is the most famous software that provide security in networking from newbies to experienced individuals. Kali Linux consists of 300 different software’s that provide capability to users to monitor and maintain security.
  3. John and Ripper: It is an open source software that was first launched in 2002. The main purpose of this software is to retrieve the lost passwords.
  4. Metasploit : This tool is basically designed for the professionals that are responsible for the checking of vulnerabilities in the system, cyber defense strategies.
  5. Cain and Abel: This software operates on windows with basic configuration on system. This software has many functionalities that make it different from its other rivals. It contain tracking of routing protocols, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cracking encrypted password.
  6. Tcpdump: This software used for TCP/IP traffic monitoring.
  7. ForcePoint : This software is specially designed for cloud users.
  8. Paros Proxy: Paros is a tool that shows how people communicate with a webpages and how attackers may take advantage of it.
  9. NMap : Its main characteristics are the detection of unknown devices and the identification of network difficulties for the purpose of evaluating security vulnerabilities.
  10. Nessus Professional: The program can quickly identify and handle risks in application programs, Networking equipment, and computers, such as improper patches and software defects, as well as basic security configuration issues.
  11. Nexpose : Nexpose is a user-friendly cyber-security software that yield real-time capabilities for discovering bugs and decreasing potential flaws in a network.
  12. Nikto : This software can be run on any operating system. The main purpose of this system is to identify outdated servers and programs, server misconfiguration etc.
  13. Truecrypt: This software is also known as encryption tool. The process of encryption is very fast and it has ability to scan and make a virtual encryption storage disk.
  14. Netstumbler : This software is proposed for windows OS. Most of the information technology professionals use this software to detect open ports.
  15. Solarwinds : This application is best suitable for both small and large business. It is a cloud based tool for security information and event management (SIEM).
  16. Intruder : This software is a cloud based vulnerability scanner that scans web application flaws, threat notifications etc.
  17. Syxsense : It is a cyber-security tool that provide free trial for 2 weeks and it scans live device locations, device history, threat monitoring etc.
  18. Acunetix : This software provides security to small business and web professionals. Demo version is available on the site, for full version we need to pay.
  19. Netsparker: Basically, this software provides cloud and web based application security. It works on DAST and IAST approaches. For demo version, link is given in references.
  20. Viper : This software provides customers both home and business security. It has antivirus facilities for domestic and corporate level users and it also gives cloud based, email and network security features.
  21. LifeLock: It is a mobile application by Norton. It provide mobile users a total safety from unauthorized access to their identity.
  22. MalwareByte: It provides protection from real time threats and multi-layered for home and business users. Personal security version starts at $399 / year, whereas business version starts at $200.
  23. Bitdefender : It is a cyber-security software for domestic usages. It is available for 30 days trail version but if anyone want to purchase they can go with the subscription charges.
  24. Mimecast : This software pays attention towards the email, web and cyber-security issues. It is mainly designed for the business purposes.
  25. CIS : CIS stands for Center of Internet Security. CIS provides a number of products, subscriptions, and services to assist companies across the globe in becoming and being safe. For browsing services using the link provided in references.
  26. Snort : It is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that alerts users about the malicious packets in the network.
  27. Webroot : This software is providing shield to the users from domestic or business background. It facilitates users from real time monitoring of threats that are more destructive to the personal computers. Both trial and purchased versions are available on the provided link.
  28. GnuPG : This tool is available free of cost and offering applications that includes several capabilities such as key management and data encryption.
  29. Norton : Norton is a United States based firm that provide numerous facilities to their customers and like Antivirus, password manager and Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  30. Bluvector: This Company is introducing its best products in the field of cyber security. Recently they launched its “Next Generation Network Detection and Response” technique that ensures more security to their users by targeting real threats.
  31. Sparta-Antivirus: It is an antivirus for the personal computers. Moreover they provide both 30 days trail as well as purchase option to the customers.
  32. GFI Languard : GFI LanGuard scans, detects, assesses, and fixes security flaws in existing network, allowing users to safeguard it with little maintenance efforts. It provides users with a full image of the network configuration, allowing user to operate a secure network more quickly and effectively.
  33. OSSEC : For intrusion detection in the network OSSEC software is used. This software is an open-source tool for cyber security that monitor files, processes, logs, rootkits, and registries constantly.
  34. Nagios : Nagios enables security professionals to analyze networks, connecting servers, and devices instantaneously. When the programme detects security issues in a network, it sends notifications to clients. Clients may, however, choose which notifications they wish to receive. Nagios can supervise a variety of services, including SMTP, NNTP, ICMP, POP3, HTTP, and others.
  35. Argus : Argus is an open-source cybersecurity application that is frequently utilized as a part traffic analysis. The term Argus stands for “Audit Record Generation and Utilization System”. It is intended for doing in-depth evaluation of data exchanged through a network. It is capable of sorting through large volumes of traffic and gives thorough and timely reports.
  36. Splunk : This software is utilized by the professionals to gather and compile the data and produce real-time reports, graphs etc.
  37. Keepass : Keepass is free for downloading and it is an open source software. In addition to this it is an OSI certified software that helps in managing our passwords for websites, email account and webserver login.
  38. BrupSuite: This software is a very powerful security tool that improves the network immunity towards threats. It can perform real-time scans on systems with the goal of finding major flaws.
  39. KisMAC : KisMAC is a security solution for the MAC operating system. It is designed for the professionals. It cracks the security of WPA using various tactics such as “Brutal Force Attack”.
  40. Aircrack : Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of programmers for analyzing Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities. It penetrates into WPA-PSK by break down there privacy to check required strength.
  41. Total AV: This software is an Ultra-fast Antivirus Software that is suitable for all the platforms like windows operating system, apple mac, iPhone and android devices.
  42. Cyber Protect : Cyber Protect is a solution for preventing information loss and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It allows you to easily filter out URLs and analyse for vulnerabilities. This utility protects against malware attacks.
  43. Flowmon : This software is capable of detecting DDos attacks. Moreover it has Anomaly Detection System (ADS). It also provides security to data storage and examine whole packet data over the network.
  44. CloudFlare: CloudFlare is a service that protects websites from spam, excessive bot crawling, and hazardous assaults. This is among the greatest Internet security providers, and it restricts visitors with unusually high request rates.
  45. Securden : Securden is a cyber-security program that protects your computer against hacking and privacy violations. It’s one of the finest Cyber-security tool for Windows 10 since it allows controls of Windows domain, personal credentials, and services. Users may get rid of hard-coded username and password with this program.
  46. SaltStack : This software is an open-source threat detection system that is controlled by API points or a graphical user interface. This program detects vulnerabilities in real time.
  47. Datplan : Cyber Control by Dataplan is a cybersecurity and fraud prevention program. This application is suitable for forensic analyzation. It can scan all the transactions and equip with financial data prevetion.
  48. DNIF : DNIF is a security analysis tool that makes it simple to handle your logs. This program is capable of detecting a wide range of lead to unintended consequences.
  49. Teramind : Teramind is a cyber-defense solution that allows us to track and manage user behavior. This program equip user behavior statistics. It is one of the most effective cyber security applications for preventing data loss.
  50. XSS scanner: It is a tool for the detection of XSS attacks [9, 10]. This tools works in two modes: 1) Spider the website, 2) Scan for XSS vulnerabilities.


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