Smart Adoption of IoT in COVID-19 Pandemic paves new era of sustainable future world

By: Ruchi Bhatnagar, Deepak Sinha


COVID-19 is now not a new term for anyone as it threatens the humanity since 2019. This pandemic turns back the clock of global economy in to a severe contraction; results psychological, social and financial suffers. Researchers unceasingly try to find light in the pandemic darkness and reshaping ways of living and working in a permanently changed environment. IoT; a network of smart things now a vital technology and its adoption enhancing and fascinating psychological, sociological and financial aspects of life. This new wave of IoT transform the world from old wearables to smart appliances, automated Cars to Connected Home, smart retails to new business models, smart Analytics to Machine learning and from old health care systems to smart health care. IoT is not a single technology but a pool of several enabling technologies such as cloud, 5G, AI, Deep learning and M2M interaction and day to day advancement in these enabling technologies opens the door of futuristic world that may not get affected by such pandemic situations. This article explores versatile fields where these technologies adopted successfully and will be changed the tech world forever.

Recent trends

IoT is not only used in smart agriculture, smart energy management, health care systems, smart traffic monitoring, smart home and such other technologies but also has a wide scope in different fields as it encompasses with recent trends of Cloud’s edge computing architecture, 5 G adoption in telecommunication, Big data management within cloud, the M2M interaction between devices using AI techniques and deep learning method. These key enabling techniques widen the scope of IoT in versatile applications areas when COVID-19 is spreading day by day and whole world has forced to stop in their homes only. These technologies become new guide for psychological, sociological and financial development in such situation and advances the provisions already provided by IoT. Some recent tech development holds up by these techniques highlighting here.

Table 1. Edge native Enterprises and their Application Areas

EnterpriseAmazon AWSDell TechnologiesGoogle CloudHewlett PackardIBM
TechnologyCloud-edge Hybrid modelOpen manage mobile App Edge TPU TelcosOpenShift technology
Application AreasProvide Solutions for Connected Vehicle, IoT Device Simulator, and AWS IoT Camera Connectoroffers Edge Gateways for manufacturers, retailers, and digital citiesGoogle offers a line of connected home products for edge well-positioned to serve larger companiesorganizations in the telecommunications, retail, and automobile industries

Edge Native Intelligent Applications

The IoT recent advancement accelerated by edge data centers of Cloud; the shifting of data processing to the edge gears the working efficiency of public and private enterprises with enhance customer experiences. The scalable nature of edge computing also makes it an ideal solution for fast-growing, agile companies, especially if they’re already making use of colocation data centers and cloud infrastructure. At the Edges of cloud, the real time data processing capability enhances business decision making and corrective action planning more accurately on most current data at the time of Covid-19 where business conditions are constantly shifting; and operational responsiveness is need for enterprise. According to survey 84% of business now demands on edge applications. Table 1 represents some top Enterprises with Edge Native Intelligent Computing solutions and their application areas [1]:

5G Enabled Intelligent Automation

5G is not only advancement but also a revolution in wireless technology that can support many more devices per node; its vast bandwidth, blazing speed, and low latency releases powerful advances and enabling the IoT in each and every sector. Its Intelligent automation and contributions forward the industries towards new growth and adoption of digitalization. The use of 5G in network connectivity changed devices functionality and their scope in the world of internet. To meet the differing prerequisites of the IoT, 5G mobile networks must guarantee that massive devices and new services such as enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), massive Machine Type Communications, Critical Communications, and Network Operations.  The 5G mobile network will improve the range of IoT applications such as multiple Home networks, automated connected homes, voice based routines, lights, locks and security; that all becomes automated with the advent of 5G. Apart for that all the challenges and opportunities provided by 5G is timely, accurately and efficiently to hit the economic growth of different enterprises in pandemic situation, that now becomes enhances day by day. The expected 5G Adoption since wave of pandemic blemishes the world is approx. 340 million in 2021, 1 billion in 2023 and 2.7 billion in 2025. Following figure elaborate its vast uses in versatile fields during pandemic.

IoT in COVID-19
Figure 1. 5G adoption in versatile application areas with IoT

AI & IoT battle against COVID-19

During the pandemic crisis every fields needs to be changed their working criteria with more efficiency and secure way; thus new enabling techniques have been explored. Artificial Intelligence is one of such enabling technology that act as a catalyst in the field of health care with the collaboration of IoT and popular as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) [2]. AI provides significant medical revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Scratch from Corona patient’s identification to management of social distancing, from data collection, analysis and management of monitoring data to know the exact spread of such virus, from smart city to urban intelligence and mass production of suitable COVID-19 vaccines; it gives new way to medical science. This new era of Intelligent health care must be long run and updating each and every application area with the advent of AI.

Table 2: M2M & Deep Learning IoT Applications and their scope

Application AreasScopeTechniques Used
Industrial IoTDevelop secure intelligent systemsMachine and Deep learning Virtues 4
Geophysical engineering applicationsto monitor earthquakes and send early warning signals to prevent destruction of buildings and loss of life MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system). 5
Multi-Role Robotic Systems for IoRTapplications of IoRT and existing robotic systems based on Humanoid, Mobile, Flying and Swarm envisaged for future IoRT systems.  IoRT is a mix of diverse technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT). 6
Smart TransportationTraffic prediction, Traffic monitoring and Autonomous drivingDBN, CNN, FCN-LSTM 7

 M2M & Deep Learning Facilitation

IoT means integration of billions of smart devices and their functionality is greatly influenced by M2M interaction as there is least or no human interaction. These devices provide the autonomous features of things which is also an important aspect of covid -19 infection as it spreads by manual touch [3]. Thus the enterprises use M2M and Deep Learning Algorithms for automaticity of devices and applications. These enabling technology yet associated with security challenges crafts a new path for different application areas with wider scope and new techniques. Some examples listed in Table 2.

Open issues and challenges

Advancement in enabling technologies needs to be addressed some challenges such as Edge native IoT computing faces data distributing capability, data accumulation, control and management challenge, 5G adoption suffers from deployment and coverage [8], security and privacy, while the AI, M2M and Deep Learning methods of computing challenged by IoT standards, Intelligent analysis and action mechanism, adoption of Algorithms and their interoperability.

Future directions and Conclusion

When the world is fighting against covid-19; including many technology, IoT with its enabling technologies have also drawn the devotion of researchers and mark a remarkable impact on our lives and world also. During the pandemic IoT has shown an encouraging result in sociological, psychological and financial aspects of life. In this article we highlight the recent advancement in technologies; their concerned applications and the adoption of these techniques to build a new tech world. The important challenges faced by each technology becomes a future research concern for researchers to make the world safe and automated. The Adoption of IoT due to its enormous growth in every sector paves a thousands of opportunities also with sustainable solutions to the real-time challenges faced by world in terms of education, health, business and security.


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