Cloud Computing Security

security management and compliance of cloud computing

Cyber Crime: Impersonation

Impersonation is a form of identity theft where someone pretends to be someone else in order…

Tottenham Hotspur beats Manchester city

The race for the Premier League title was blown wide open as Tottenham Hotspur stunned leaders…


A sensor is a device, module, or subsystem that detects events or changes in its environment…

U.S. women’s hockey Team won Silver

U.S. women’s hockey takes home Olympic silver after losing to rival team Canada

HIV Cured

For the first time, scientists believe they may have cured HIV in a woman.

Green Screen

Green screening is a popular technique in real-life animation series and movies.

Champions League

The round-of-16 knockout stages from this season’s UEFA Champions League tournament are almost upon us.

Technology & Sports

Technology & Sports

Chelsea secured Club World Cup title

Chelsea secured Club World Cup title

2022 Olympics: USA defeats Canada

In the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the United States men's hockey team advanced to 2-0…

T.J. Watt

The AP Defensive Player of the Year award was given to T.J. Watt on Monday night,…

2022 NFL Honors

The NFL held its annual awards show, hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, on Thursday at the YouTube…

2022 Winter Olympics

things you should know about the 2022 Winter Olympics

Jeremy Dean Giambi

Jeremy Giambi, a former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, has died at the age of 47.

Sentiments Analysis

In the context of monitoring online conversations, sentiment analysis is the process of identifying and extracting…

धोनी का पहला ग्राफिक नॉवेल: अथर्व – द ओरिजिन

धोनी का पहला ग्राफिक उपन्यास एक युवा राजा अथर्व की कहानी कहता है, जो अपने सच्चे…

Washington’s NFL team announce new name

Washington’s NFL team has ended its 18-month search for a new name with the announcement that…

Brian Flores sues NFL

Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the NFL and…

Evan McPherson

McPherson has the potential to become the first kicker in NFL history to earn the Super…